When Guys Give Us Beauty Tips, Ish Gets Cray

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As a beauty junkie, I am always searching for new products to use and ways to make my face look as #flawless as possible. I'm constantly perusing the Sephora aisles for the best concealer, and endlessly watching YouTube tutorials on how to perfect my contour skills. Trust me, I'm taking it all in.

My best girlfriends, whether I know them IRL or they're besties in my head - hey Zoe Kravitz! - are always giving me major beauty inspo. The bigger the wing, the better the look, or conceal till your heart's desire. What else could a beauty obsessed gal like myself ask for?

Well, recently I was given some unsolicited beauty advice from a male friend. Before I could respond to his unwanted tip, I started thinking, what other "advice" men have for women regarding our carefully thought out beauty regimens. Not that their opinions matter to me (honestly, they don't), I thought I'd ask a few of my close guy friends their thoughts on the matter. This is what they had to say.


"They should be clean. Oh, and please keep them short so they won't scratch me up every time you touch me."
Beauty Tips from BoysSeriously!?! Having clean nails is a no-brainer, but what about my intricate nail art and carefully thought-out lacquer color? Unpolished, short nails are just not fun, fellas. I'll be keeping my biweekly appointments with my nail technician. Why? Because I do it for me to look at, not for you.


"I hate kissing girls with lipstick. You really don't need it anyways. Chapstick will do just fine."
Beauty Tips from BoysGood thing you're not kissing me! What would I do without my vast collection of MAC lippies? I'm obsessed with lipsticks, especially bold hues. My babies aren't going anywhere.


"Stop painting on a new face."
Beauty Tips from BoysAgreed. Less can certainly be more. It shouldn't look like you are hiding your physical traits. Instead, makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty. There's nothing sexier than the no makeup trend that's blowing up. Cake face is never ideal.


"I love it when I'm close to a girl and can smell her perfume, but I shouldn't smell a garden when you walk by."
Beauty Tips from BoysTotes.


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