Dry Cutting May Be the Thing Your Hair Needs Right now

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Everywhere you look, there seems to be a new hair trend cropping up claiming to be the most stylish 'do around and the best thing for your locks. But there's one hair trend that's been around for a while and is finally getting the love it deserves: The dry cut.

Okay, yeah...maybe this isn't a style trend per se, but it's definitely changing the way stylists are doing their businesses. And the end results are cray, cray wonderful.

What is a dry cut, you ask? It's pretty much the opposite of a wet cut. Rather than washing your hair before your stylist whips out the scissors, she instead cuts your strands completely dry. A growing body of stylists are now offering the service too because they say it makes their jobs easier and results in a better cut.

The Benefits

Dry cuts are def something to consider no matter what your hair texture is, but curly-haired ladies take note. When your hair is on the wavier side, it is a lot easier for your stylist to cut dry because they can see realistically where the curl ends, begins and flows. When your hair is wet, it not only changes the length of your curls but the density of them. Rather than playing a guessing game of what the cut will look like when dry, starting the hair off dry will allow for more precision in style. And the look will be more true-to-form when you leave because it was styled in the exact manner you wear it: Dry.

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Salvador Calvano, celebrity hair stylist and owner of his own salon in Phoenix told Cambio that a lot of stylists prefer doing dry cuts now.

"All the twists and turns and natural patterns are thrown off and hidden when hair is wet," he said. "When hair is dry, a good hairstylist can see what needs to be cut and left long for the best possible haircut that grows out and maintains better. And it's all because it wasn't forced to do anything it doesn't want to do naturally."

Straight-haired ladies can benefit from dry cuts, too. Even though straight hair doesn't have the same bends that need to be followed, dry cutting straight hair allows a stylist to be absolutely sure they are cutting it to the length you want. And best of all, when you get home, there will be no surprises.
For all of you with color-treated hair, dry cutting could be for you, too. When your hair is wet, it's also harder to see what parts of it are highlighted, resulting in a cut that does little to accentuate your dyed strands. When it's dry on the other hand, all the color is visible and the stylist can cut to show off your latest ombre.

See a common theme emerging? Dry=easier to see and more predictable.

If you're convinced a dry cut is a great idea for your next style (because we so are), make sure to do some research first! Not all stylists have mastered this, so be sure to ask him/her if he/she's comfortable doing it. And if you've gotten a dry cut (and loved it!), sound off in the comments below and tell us more.


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