This Temporary Tattoo Will Change the Way You Buy Makeup

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How in tune are you really with your skin? You probably know your coloring, what makes you break out and the best ways to moisturize when your skin is dry, but what if there was a technology that could send you updates to your phone about your skin and how to treat it?

Well, all our beauty nerds, this technology is actually in the works. L'Oreal USA is teaming up with the University of Illinois to marry together the wonderful worlds of beauty and science into one unique product. The result is a small chip you can wear on your skin to get live updates on what your skin needs, and the products you should be using.

The device, which the techies over at L'Oreal are calling "flexible wearable electronics," looks like those temporary tattoos you used to put on in elementary school with a technological twist. When you put it on your skin, you barely know it's there and can wear it up to a few weeks. Yes, you can even wear it in the shower.
Other than having a new stylish, technological tattoo, the flexible electronics work with your skin to sense the tiniest of changes over the course of the day. Is your skin losing moisture? It'll alert you of that. Are you being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun? You'll get a quick noti to put on some sunscreen. Is dirt and pollution building up on your skin and clogging your pores? Your new chip bestie will let you know it's time to cleanse.

L'Oreal hopes that through their partnership with the University of Illinois, it will be able to change the way we buy cosmetics completely. Yes, you may have somewhat of an idea of what your skin needs, but how about knowing the specifics in real time? L'Oreal believes that with the Bluetooth capabilities of flexible electronics, you'll be able to find the perfect product for your skin as you're perusing the makeup aisle. The best part? L'Oreal might even start to sell the chip with its products.

"You could imagine because the devices are so low in cost, [L'Oreal] might sell them together with a cosmetic product or lotion," John Rogers, an engineer at the University of Illinois told Popular Science. "The consumer could use the device to determine hydration state of their skin as well as which type and how much lotion to apply to achieve a desired hydration state."
Ultimately this magical device could even help us treat our skin better. By knowing the nitty gritty about or body's largest organ, we can work to reduce sun damage and wrinkles over time. Basically, this chip could keep us gorgeous.

Right now, the researchers are still working to perfect the chip (and make it look pretty), but L'Oreal may have the product out as soon as next year. We'll have to wait and see what the future of beauty will be like, but it's a lot closer than we think.


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