MAC Is Giving Away Free Lipstick and We're Losing Our Sh**

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We've made it our life's mission to find as many beauty products for the lowest price possible and share that news with the world. It's a noble quest befitting any true Beauty Crusader, and it's always been at the top of our list (right above discovering the Holy Grail of concealers and the best drugstore mascara). But these deals don't come around often, so when we heard that MAC Cosmetics was offering any of its signature lipsticks free of charge, we pretty much fainted, came to and started demanding to know who was spreading such heartbreaking lies.

But it's the truth.

Feel free to loose your sh** because we did, too.

That's right, all of my fellow beauty addicts, Santa totally came early this year, and his bag is filled with some of the best lipstick around. Of course, nothing is completely free, but the way to get your hands on whatever lipstick you choose is pretty simple. All you have to do is return six of your empty MAC containers back to the retailer – this can be anything from an empty mascara tube to a finished tub of eyeshadow - and request the lipstick you want.

That is it.
mac day 4Christmas's greatest gift this year is a part of the Back to MAC recycling program where the famous beauty brand is promoting the reusing of its old packaging for the good of the environment. Yes, not only will you be getting free lipstick, you will also be doing a serious service to our planet. Philanthropy never felt so good.

If you have six empty MAC containers lying around, the way to start the process is to go to MAC's site and detail which product containers you'll be sending back. Then give them your top three choices of lipstick and send the containers back to the given address. Before you know it, your precious lipstick will show up in the mail.
And even if you don't have six empty containers, find a friend who has some and pool your stuff together. Yeah, you'll have to share custody of the lipstick like the precious child it is, but still: It's free!

We don't know about you, but we're already saving up all of our containers and we've got our eyes on Velvet Teddy.


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