This New App Makes It Easier to Expand Your Squad

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Sure, there's plenty of apps to help you find your next bae, but what about an app to help you find your next squad?

That's the idea behind the new, appropriately named Squad. The app officially launched on October 20 with $1.7 million in a seed round of funding, and is a tool to help you and your friends find other cool people to hang out with.

"When trying to meet new people, we saw that users had really limited options: use a dating app with explicit romantic expectations, join a meetup group where very different personalities may happen to share a common interest, or just sit in a bar and hope for the best," said Adam Liebman, founder and CEO of Squad, in a press release. "We created Squad to provide a middle ground between those options, by removing the friend vs. romantic implications."

First, you and your friends each make an individual profile with first name, occupation, age, school network and photo - you can invite your friends to join via text message. After your besties make their profiles, you then create your squad. A private chat opens for you guys, so that you can swipe left or right through other squads, deciding if you'd like to hang out based on their photos, collective group name and member profiles. Once you match with another squad, a private chat will open and you have 24 hours to make plans to meet up, if you want to.

TechCrunch reports that you can also adjust your squad based on who you're going out with that night, so the squad profile you make isn't set in stone.

"Squad is amazing — it has been a great way for my group of friends to hang out and meet new people," says Amy Soyeon Kim, head of design. "When we go out, we wing-woman for one another - and on Squad, we can do just that without even having to go out! My friends have also really taken to the Squad Chat - it's like a group text, except much better because the app provides constant new conversation topics - it's like the girl's bathroom in a bar except on an app...We're meeting up with a group in real life tomorrow, and everyone is super pumped!"

We like the idea of using the app to hang out with a group of guys and seeing if any of you click that way - wayyyyy less pressure than linking up on Tinder, for sure. Squad is free on iOS.


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