This Site Can Tell our Emotions Through Photos (Sort of)

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I'm a tech geek - a big one. I love new, innovative technology; however, I'm on the fence with this website's technology. As part of Microsoft's Project Oxford (the same project that guessed your face in a photo and was kind of/not really/not at all accurate), the technology takes a photo, recognizes a person's face, then guesses that person's emotion.

They are kind of accurate, IMO, guessing the obvious emotions from a person's photo. The rating of emotion works on a scale from zero to one; zero being the emotion isn't present at all and one being the emotion is completely present.

Refinery29 reported that they tested this photo of Jennifer Lawrence on Project Oxford's site, and the results showed a .9999 for happiness. It's kind of obvious that she's at that level of happiness because she's smiling, so I wanted to test out the technology for myself.

I took a photo from my wedding day (aka, the happiest day of my life), and uploaded it to Project Oxford. These are the results it produced:
It says I'm kind of pissed, in disgust, I'm neutral, maybe happy but probably not, and that I'm a little surprised and sad. If the technology really knew my emotions, it would know that it was a) the happiest day of my life, and b) I was channeling my inner Beyonce in this specific photo. I wanted to be a fierce betch in one of my photos, OK? Let me live!

For reference, this is the GIF in particular I was trying to channel (#nailedit).

What do you think of this technology? Tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh.


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