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5 Superfluous Things That I'm Thankful For

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First things first: I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it! Although we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Portugal, last year and while living abroad, I got to celebrate it, and it was incredible!
Of course, it was the American way, and I even got to get the turkey ready, so it was a really incredible experience. I really wish that one day I will be able to spend it in the United States surrounded by some amazing friends and family that I dearly miss!

Since Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate things that we are thankful for, I chose five things that I am really thankful for being able to have and experiment with. I will not be thankful for my family and friends or even for the food that I have on the fridge or the roof that I have above me. Why? Simple: Those things aren't ones that you must only be thankful for during this season but the entire year - your entire life, even!

You might not have the most awesome family or the fastest car, but as long as they love you, your the car works and you are able to drive around town in case of an emergency, you should be thankful for it. Your house might not be in Beverly Hills next to the biggest celebs, but you have amazing neighbors at your front door who will help you if you're ever in need because that's what community is for.

I am thankful for all of it and more.

First, I am thankful for all my travels during the last couple of years. I've learned so much and met people from all across the world who will be in my memory and heart forever. I couldn't be more thankful for the crazy parties that I've gone to in Germany, the pubs that I've visited in Ireland and the pictures taken in London. Because it's part of my life! And it was so special.

Second, I am really thankful for being able to return to high school at the age of 22 after having dropped out when I was 18. I am on my last year and am finishing my professional course in Tourism Management. I know that I will rock my finals, so I can go to college and get my degree in Journalism.

I am thankful for being alive! Nowadays, we are never sure if we will be alive tomorrow, so we really have to appreciate every day and enjoy every second. Take chances, tell your crush that you are into him/her and smile. Nothing is better than a smile.

I am thankful for the Internet and phone calls. Really, I am! I have friends and family all across the world. My father just moved to Brussels, and my BFF lives 63 miles away but we barely see each other because of life. And we have to communicate; otherwise, life as we know it would be just boring.

Last but not the least, I am thankful for you guys, for Cambio and everyone who reads my online posts, either in here or on my blog. It's really emotional when someone contacts me and says that she can relate with something that I wrote! It makes me feel happy and I owe you for that.

Now, enjoy your turkey with cranberry sauce and cheesy cauliflower while I will just eat a burger.
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