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5 Seriously Cute Hairstyles for Girls With Naturally Curly Hair

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When I was was in high school, I was always scared to look in the mirror. The problem was that I didn't want to face my lion's mane because I felt there was barely anything I could do with it besides putting it up in a bun. I hated having naturally curly hair, and I think part of it had to do with the fact that there were not many girls my age flaunting their curls on magazine covers.

It wasn't until Seventeen started showcasing their real girls models that I began noticing hair diversity. Then, I discovered the world of YouTube, Pinterest and all things DIY where so many girls with naturally curly hair were sharing tips on how they manage their curls and the variety of different ways they style them. It took me several years to embrace my curls and twirls, and now, I wouldn't trade them for anything because there are honestly so many different hairstyles that curly hair gals just know how to rock better. If you find yourself thinking that you have no other choice but to pin your hair back or hide under a hat, then lose that attitude because you're about to experiment with these stunning hairstyles and start loving every curl.

1. All Natural
A+E Networks "Shining A Light" ConcertNot only can showing off those natural curls save you time in the morning, but it can keep your hair healthier as well. The less you do to them, the better they look. I used to be a big fan of scrunching, until I realized that using both gel and mousse was drying and ruining its texture. Luckily, I was able to find some amazing organic products for curls that work wonders. SheaMoisture has a fantastic line for curls and defines them like there's no tomorrow without leaving it dry and frizzy. My go-to is the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curly Enhancing Smoothie with silk protein and neem oil.

2. Messy Ponytail
fashion studio portrait of...Sleek ponytails are so in right now, but who says slightly messy ones can't be as poppin'? For the "messy yet I made an effort" ponytail look, loosely gather your hair up to the center of your head and secure with an elastic. Gently pull out some of the curly pieces, preferably the layers to the front of your face. If you want to polish the look a bit more, you can rub pomade between your palms to smooth the sides.

3. Half-up/Half-down
2014 CMT Music Awards - Wonderwall Portrait StudioThis style only takes two minutes to achieve. Some girls like separating their hair at their ear and bringing it into a high ponytail, but I like grabbing the section higher than the ear. Either way, it's such an easy go-to hairstyle for curly hair for those days that you're not in the mood to leave it down. Another big plus: It doesn't hide your face. For boing-y curls you should apply a definer, such as Aveda's Be Curly Curl Enhancer, to your hair when it's damp and twirl sections around your fingers while you diffuse it. To protect your curls while you're sleeping, use a satin pillowcase because cotton sheets tend to strip the hair of moisture.

4. Crown Braid
If you're a #HBIC, then you definitely need your crown. For now, we'll just take it in the form of a braid. I would go into details on how to get this look, but I think YouTuber Naptural85 does an amazing job with her crown braid tutorial.

5. Romantic Up-doPremiere Of Lionsgate's "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" - ArrivalsThis is one of my favorites because it's adorable and doesn't necessarily need to be for special occasions. If you allow some pieces to hang around your face, it can give it more of a "I woke up like this" look. #flawless There are so many different ways you can achieve your not-so-average top knot, so check out this Pinterest board to find the hair and style that most resembles yours!

Remember, your curls are beautiful and don't ever feel like you need to straighten them to fit in. They're what makes you YOU. Look at all the different ways you can show them off!

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