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57 #Feels While Re-watching the 'Gilmore Girls' Pilot Episode

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Everybody loves Gilmore Girls. Maybe that's because it's about a teen who has her problems and faces them while having her mom as her BFF or because her single mom wants the best for her 16-year-old daughter. If you are a young teen who has never seen Gilmore Girls, well, you should and can​ because it's streaming on Netflix right now. If you don't have Netflix, you can find it online many times in .torrent format from a free download service or on Amazon for a small fee. Or there are always DVDs.

Last night, I decided to start to re-watch season 1 since there is a Gilmore Girls revival in the works. Because the pilot is the most important episode of the entire first season, I have made a list of every single thought that I had while watching it. It came down to 58 feels and a walk down memory lane.
1- Lorelai and I have literally the same coffee addiction!

2- Luke is SO cute!I forgot how hot he really was!

3- Rory was SO young! Or does does she seem young because I'm older now?

4- That makeup addiction! Lorelai SO gets it!

5- SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This song!

6- *Me singing "Where You Lead" by Carole King at the top of my lungs!"
7- Jared Padalecki! This is just WAY too much!

8- Michel's accent is just the funniest!

9- Urgh! This harp player is rude AF!

10- Early 2000s cray hair! I miss that!!

11- Oh yeah Jared, you were damn hot already!

12- OH. EM. GEE! Is that Melissa McCarthy?
13- She is SO awesome!

14- Sookie is my grammar twin. "On the counter, not in the counter." Tell him Sook!

15- Is Rory faking excitement over entering at Chilton?

16- Forget, she ain't!

17- What a house! I couldn't remember how amazing it looked!

18- Parents and their conditions. Urgh!
19- Dean is SO hot!

20- And Rory looks like me when presenting herself!

21- OMG, we even have the same sentences!

22- And we are both AWFUL at casual convos!

23- Dean is SO sweet!

24- I really need an early 2000s Jared Padalecki on my life!
25- I so could eat a burger right now! Or ice cream!

26- Actually, I'd rather have pizza! And ice cream! Does Mr. Pizza still deliver?

27- It does! Great! Extra-cheese pizza on its way! Back to Gilmore!

28- Don't be so mean, Rory!

29- This looks like me and my Mom!

30- Moms can be SO self-centered! She's having a boy situation!
31- She's not like you, Lorelai!

32- Oh f**k! Maybe I'm like my mom, too!

33- Why don't you believe her? Moms never believe!

34- So long for privacy! So me!

35- This song! This is an anthem!

36- "I believe that fate has brought us here. And we should be together babe, but we're not."
37- Oh, it stopped! It's a new scene!

38- Jesus Almighty, is that smoke?

39- Yes, we do fight! We must fight with our moms! It's a ritual!

40- Michel is the holy grail of hilariously situations!

41- Yeah, Drella is deffo rude!

42- Uhh, that Jeep seduces me!
43- Why can't I have Champagne too, right now?

44- I really miss Champagne. Everything is better with Champagne!

45- Lorelai is right! Pie is important!

46- Parents talk...

47- No, she wasn't!

48- No, you weren't!
49- Lady Lorelai did it awesomely!

50- Moms! So typical!

51- Aha, of course grandpa felt asleep! Men!

52- A daughter that knows what her mom really wants!

53- Blue shirts do suit you, Luke!

54- Moms and boys talk! Just... No!
55- I so love my Mom!

56- *Opens door and shouts to the living-room*: Mom, I love you!

57- I missed Gilmore Girls.
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