How Much Makeup Do Guys Really Notice? We Asked Them

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Let's just be clear: We by no means put on our makeup for guys. When we shape our brows to fleek status and wing our eyeliner to the heavens, we are doing it for us. But that doesn't mean we don't occasionally wonder if guys actually notice. Do they know the pain of getting red lipstick out of our lip's lines and consequently, all along our face? Do they have any idea that our lash game takes an ungodly amount of money and a little piece of our soul every time we try to curl them to death-defying lengths? Do they even know what mascara is?

Our bet was probs not. But to give dudes of the world the benefit of the doubt, we decided to ask them. We went through a list of products us ladies use on the reg, and asked guys between the ages of 20 and 25 one simple question: Do you notice if we're wearing it? We were completely prepared for a lot of confused looks and some shoulder shrugs but what we got was much different. Turns out guys do notice your makeup. At least kind of.
Women touching up make up in car at night time.

What's the First Thing You Notice?

"I usually notice when a girl has a lot of coverup on (I think that's what it's called) on their cheeks and stuff. And eyeshadow," Brandon, 22.

Not sure if he means foundation or blush, but we feel you Brandon.

"Eyeliner and lipstick I would say are the ones that stand out," Nico, 22.

"Eyeliner and eye shadow definitely," Ian, 24.

"I definitely notice [makeup] but it's more apparent when they wear it often and then don't one day," Chris, 22.

"I notice, like eye makeup. And anything that's not the natural color. And I notice when someone is wearing way too much of it," Dan, 20.

Basically, if it's overtly obvious, he'll see it, ladies.
"If someone would skip mascara for a day, I don't think I'd notice at all," Robin, 24.

"I could usually tell if a girl's wearing mascara, but it's not the first thing I notice," Pat, 21.

"Just called my girlfriend. I thought mascara was the stuff you put on your cheeks," Nico, 22.

But...imagine if we did put mascara on our cheeks? Maybe they'd notice it then?

Lipstick Gets Mixed Reviews

"If you're putting on makeup, lipstick should be a part of that. It's the first thing I notice missing. Secretly, every man loves wiping a big, smoochie kiss mark off their face," Robin, 24.

"I hate lipstick, and can almost always notice when it's there," Mike, 22.

"I guess it depends on the color. If it's a really different color than natural, yeah I like it," Brandon, 22.

The jury is out with the boys, but we're still sticking with our go-to fire engine red on the weekends. #sorrynotsorry

Eyeliner Is a Complete Hit

"I personally think eyeliner makes girls beautiful! That's what I notice the most," Chris, 22.

"Eyeliner usually looks good," Dan, 20.

"When girls do that smokey, pointy thing with their eyeliner, they look like a fierce cat, and I want to know more," Dave, 25.

"Yeah, eyeliner's chill. Though I recall a time in middle school when girls were just learning to use eyeliner and it was weird. But one day, they got the hang of it and it was gravy from then, on," Ian, 24.

But They all Totes Get Brows on Fleek

"Brows on fleek for me means that they are perfect; there is little to no error or imperfection. To be honest, I feel as though to achieve this, it depends form person to person. If I had to guess, maybe a lot of plucking and contouring. If contouring is even a thing for makeup," Matt, 20.

Matt, you totes just won Beauty King, and you don't even know it.

"It means that someone took care of their eyebrows to the point of being exquisite! I mean, it can still be big eyebrows like Emilia Clarke or Cara Delevingne, but when they're taken care of, they're #onfleek," Robin, 24.

"It means catching your attention in a way that makes you have to take notice," Ian, 24.

Like we said before, how much or how little a guy notices our beauty job isn't going to stop us from looking our best. But at least we know they completely get when our brow game is strong. And that we could totes trick them into thinking that our mascara wands hold special powers that only women know the secrets of, which is pretty much true.


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