Adele Poses As "Jenny" and Pranks Adele Impersonators

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In between jam sessions where we have '25' playing on a repeat loop, we managed to find this video of Adele posing as an Adele impersonator and it's everything.

In the clip, for BBC Music, the songstress introduces herself as "Jenny," a soft-spoken nanny. She had to have a makeup team makeup in a way that made her look like NOT Adele, but still someone who was trying to look like Adele, which was a tricky task, but they pulled it off expertly.

They used a prosthetic nose and chin, made her lips look smaller and did her eye makeup with more of a cat eye than the real Adele usually wears. This was the incredibly convincing result:
When she met the other "Adeles" backstage, they had NO idea they were rubbing shoulders with the real Adele as she pretends to be nervous about her performance.

Finally, when she gets on stage, she gets struck by a (fake) bout of stage fright and acts it out perfectly:
Finally, she's ready to perform and as soon as she belts out the first note, the girls know something is up, but they aren't 100% sure this girl is who they think she is:
About 10 seconds in, one "Adele" totally catches on and the others aren't too far behind her:
And then, these lucky ladies realize they're sitting in the FRONT ROW at a private Adele concert and they just sit back and take it all in. ~ We would literally die! ~
Were they mad that they got pranked? Hell no, look what they got out of it!

We also have to give the girls mad props for being so nice to "Jenny" while she was nervous because they thought she was just a fellow impersonator and they were still so sweet to her. We're glad they got rewarded with such an awesome surprise, they deserve it - even if we are a little bit jealous!


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