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Was the American Music Awards an awards show or the best concert ever?

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Let's talk about last night's American Music Awards. First off, the amount of performances that occurred during the show was actually unbelievable. To be honest, it didn't even feel like an award show, more like a concert with little intermissions of famous people coming up to the stage to say a few words. I wish I could write about every single performance, but I'm going to write about my favorites.

Selena Gomez completely took over the stage in the best way possible. Maybe showing off a little since Justin Bieber was there, especially with the rumors of them getting back together since he was seen singing to her at a restaurant in Los Angeles a few days ago? Selena looked and sounded amazing, but when doesn't she?
2015 American Music Awards - ShowUnfortunately, I missed out on Demi Lovato's performance. I know, I know; I'm the worst. But I can only imagine how she sounded, likely amazing, but I was not feeling her outfit. Okay, mostly her hair, but it's okay because she usually pulls off any look, and I'm sure a million other people were absolutely obsessed with it. I can't wait to see her this summer for the Future Now Tour with the one and only Nick Jonas.
2015 American Music Awards - ArrivalsNick Jonas is having an unbelievable year; his performance was a mash-up of his top three hits so far: "Jealous," "Chains" and Levels." His brother Joe's new band DNCE even introduced him! I loved seeing them announce Nick; it brought back some Jonas Brothers memories. (Side note: DNCE just performed in my city; I'll totally have a blog post about it ASAP. They're amazing.)

I'm not going to lie, the first half of the show I was wondering where Taylor Swift was because I needed to see what she was wearing and if she came with a squad or Calvin Harris. Turns out, she was not there because I didn't see her dancing in the audience, and you know they would have zoomed in on her.

One Direction performed "Perfect" perfectly (see what I did there? okay I'm stopping now). Let's be real though; it's about the one and only T.S. The similarities between "Style" and "Perfect" are undeniable.

One Direction's performance was great, as always. Ariana Grande's performance of "Focus" was amazing, but I feel like she should of sang the whole song how the single sounds. It would have been much more upbeat; that's just my opinion, regardless she killed it. Oh, and I should mention that I'm watching live and blogging live.

Walk the Moon just came on to perform their hit "Shut Up and Dance." Needless to say, I tried turning the volume up with my laptop like it was playing on my computer. Honestly, I guess that's what I get for blogging and watching.
2015 American Music Awards - ShowA comeback for Coldplay, like they needed a comeback? Point blank, they're amazing, and I was just happy to have Chris Martin bless my TV screen.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been a favorite of mine since "Thrift Shop." That song was a huge hit, though it was obviously not taken very seriously at the time. If you ever have the time, sit down and listen to Macklemore. The songs that are not on the radio are the songs that will blow you away lyrically. (If you haven't listened to "Sloane's Song," it's my huge recommendation. It's adorable, written for his daughter and features Ed Sheeran.)

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Alanis Morrisette's famous album Jagged Little Pill, so she sang "You Oughta Know" with Demi Lovato. Is it on iTunes yet? I am blown away. Demi needs to cover more of Alanis's songs. Hmm maybe this summer? A girl can dream!
2015 American Music Awards - ShowCeline Dion took to the stage to perform a beautiful song with such passion that our thoughts then traveled to the families and loved ones who have been affected by the terrorist attacks that have taken place in Paris. Celine could not have done a better job expressing her emotions, and it was shared and felt across the whole entire room.

Then, a performance for the lovers of the Star Wars movies was given by the absolutely amazing Pentatonix along with a huge string quartet.

Lastly, Justin Bieber ends the show; no surprise, it's amazing. Justin sang a mash up of "What Do You Mean?", "Where Are U Now?" and "Sorry." You better believe I was dancing along like I was in the crowd. For the length of time he took off to perfect his album, he sure did perfect it. His performances show how proud he is of his hard work.

Now for the winners, I'm not going to be able to name them all, but I'll mention as many as possible!

I need a moment of silence for Nicki Minaj's dress; I was living for that dress. It could probably pay for my college tuition and then some, but like I'd rather have it in my closet. Also congratulations to Nicki for winning Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop album; she absolutely deserved it. She also snagged favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist, which is huge. The shout-out to Fetty Wap was extremely gracious of her because, just as she said, this much success so early in his career is outstanding.
2015 American Music Awards - ShowTaking Collab of the Year was Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo for "Where Are U Now?". Being that they were up against my girl TS for "Bad Blood" featuring Kendrick Lamar, I'm a little bitter, but honestly, "Where Are U Now?" is definitely one of the biggest songs of the year. No disappointment here though, Taylor came through with Favorite Pop/Rock Album with 1989, Favorite Contemporary Artist and Song of the Year for "Blank Space." One Direction won Favorite Pop/Rock Group and the biggest award of the night, Artist of the Year.

All in all, the AMAs never disappoint with amazing performances, special guests and seeing your favorite artist win some of the biggest awards possible. Don't let me forget the amazing dresses/clothes in general that we can all dream of owning a one point in our lives!
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