Buzzfeed Just Gave Us The Best App Ever

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Buzzfeed has been pushing out tons of apps lately, and their latest one, QuizChat, is for all of you quiz-lovers. The app's content aligns with the pop culture-focused material on all of their social platforms, with quizzes like, "Which of us belongs with Chris Pratt?" Here's what the app recommended for me today:

The app differs from other quiz apps; the quizzes are meant to be taken with friends. In an article with Fast Company, Buzzfeed's head of engineering James Burns talks about the inspiration for the shared-aspect of the app:

"We were really interested in thinking about ways in which we can create unique experiences that are only possible within an app. We saw an opportunity with quizzes, since it's some of the most frequently shared content."

The app's foundation is so focused on sharing that it was developed to be used in apps many of us are already using daily, like Facebook. In order for me to see my quiz results (like if I'm meant to be with Chris Pratt or not), I have to share the quiz with my bestie first either through Facebook or via text.

Download the app from the iTunes store and tweet me your thoughts @lizprugh. (PS, Chris Pratt and I are totally made for each other.)


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