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My Personal Experience With Bullies

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When I turned 14, I did some weird self-reflection, mostly because I've never thought about my life, but hey, now or never right? I tried to figure out how long I've been bullied and came to the conclusion that it started in the first grade, but I don't remember all of my encounters, so let's talk about one that happened in 2010.

I became friends with this girl Charlotte (not her real name) at the end of fifth grade, and Charlotte was friends with this girl Sam (also not her real name). When I became friends with Charlotte, Sam didn't want that. I'm pretty sure that she wanted Charlotte all to herself, but I didn't have any friends during all of my sixth grade year, so I didn't let Sam deny me of my one friend.

In grade 7, we were in high school, and well, guess how that went. Not good at all. Sam didn't really bother me, but she found another girl to bother, hurt and mentally destroy. She is still apparently hurting this girl to the point of self mutilation. Sam made this girl, who wanted nothing more than a friend, hurt herself intentionally.

Since then, I have moved to two different schools, away from Sam. I also have severe anxiety (from other things, not from her) and will always be messed up. I write this to let everyone know that I am here. Feel free to message and talk to me. I may be 14, but I apparently am like an adult because I've been there before.
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