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Who Should Be TIME's Person of the Year?

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In 2014, the Ebola fighters were named TIME's Person of the Year as a way of paying homage to the people who helped those in need of medical attention in West Africa, following the Ebola outbreak that killed nearly 12 thousand people. But now, it's time to choose the next person who will have the honor of being on the cover of TIME's most famous issue.

The list includes some A-list celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian West, and although no one would mind seeing J.J. Abrams on the cover since Star Wars: The Force Awakens is everyone's most anticipated film of 2015, there are some more deserving people of the title.

Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and François Hollande are some of the politicians who have a place on TIME's online poll. After his controversial quotes, like referring to Mexicans as rapists, it's no surprise that Donald is most likely to be on the cover, not because he made this world a better place, but because his sexist and racist comments made his presidential candidacy a ridiculous parade rather than serious business.
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Town Hall In IowaAngela's decision to have an open-door policy in Germany regarding the refugee crisis makes her one of the possible winners, and chances are high for François after the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the latest attacks in Paris since he was forced, by terrorism, to close French borders, something that hasn't happened since World War II.

Malala Yousafzai and Pope Francis are also nominated. The Nobel Prize winner opened a school for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and her biographical film, He Named Me Malala, was released last October. Pope Francis was also a significant figure after his comments on climate change and the refugee crisis and also because of his United States visit.

But, who should really be on the cover this year? The refugees. Following the pictures of Aylan Kurdi that went viral due to their tragic content, the world became aware of this ongoing crisis and demanded European politicians to take part in finding a solution to this issue. Over 750,000 people left their homes in Africa and the Middle East, fleeing war and poor human conditions, and sailed the Mediterranean sea trying to get to Europe in hopes of finding a better life. Thousands have died in the dangerous waters, and there will be more victims as there's still no permanent solution in sight. The refugees should be on the cover not only to raise awareness, but also to prove that they won't be forgotten as long as this crisis continues.

So, it's time to know your opinion. Who should be TIME's Person of the Year?
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