5 Apps That Make it Easy AF to Send Holiday Cards

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'Tis the season! The holidays are here, and it's time to get your sparkly dress of the season, put up your tree, and of course, pick out holiday cards. Sending out holiday cards will never get old (OMG can you image how perfect Taylor's probably are?), but it's tough to squeeze in time to make (not to mention send out) the perfect holiday card.

Here are five apps that will save your life this season and make holiday cards for under $3 that even Taylor would approve of.

Postagram: For the traveler

This app isn't as snazzy as others, but it's perfect if you've traveled a ton this year and want to send a postcard-esque holiday card with a sweet message. It's super easy to upload your photo from your phone, Instagram, or Facebook; then just create a message and choose where to send!

Ink: For the fancy in you

Ink is made by the same company as Postagram, but offers over 500 different designs to customize photos into actual greeting cards. You can even upgrade your card to be on nicer paper if you really want to impress who you're sending it too. #GreetingsOnFleek

Punkpost: Calling all hipsters!

Punkpost is one of the trendiest apps of the bunch, with one-of-a-kind designs by artists the company's partnered with. They claim their service to be "as quick as texting," making it a super convenient and trendy service. Check out some of the rad designs on their website.

Red Stamp: The classic go-to

Red Stamp has been around for a minute and has a 4.5/5 star rating on iTunes out of over 2,000 reviews. With over 2,000 designs, the app is pretty trendy; they aren't as edgy as Punkpost, but they have family-friendly options that are fierce enough to embody your personality and also send home to mom.

Touchnote: For efficiency-lovers

This is another easy-to-use app that sends both standard greeting cards and postcards. Like the other apps, they print on premium paper - plus address, stamp, and send envelopes free of charge.


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