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The Difference Between a Man and a Boy

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Every woman I have ever known has dealt with a man-child. In the current crop of prospects out there for girls, men are few and far between.

So what's my definition of a real man you ask?

To start, it has nothing to do with appearance or anything shallow. It all comes down encountering the 1 in 40 men who do exactly what they say they will do. It was only recently that I saw the difference.

A boy asks you to go to the library to study together. Completely childish and weak. A man asks you out on a date after gauging his chances with you. The fact that you are properly asked on a date is a start, but it's more than basic expectations that exemplify you being in the big leagues with a guy. It also comes down to great conversation. Yes, it's fun to talk about how much hookah he loves to smoke on the weekends or how much he's craving a beer, but sometimes you want more out of a connection. Maybe he likes to talk about his day at work or maybe he's a graduate student, and he likes to talk about class. Maybe he even already has his graduate degree and enjoys talking more about you than himself.

What's so refreshing about talking with a man is that he possesses a level of certainty in himself that you won't find in a boy. He says exactly what he is going to do, he encourages you and even finds your passion (for whatever you like) attractive.

Oh to meet a real man.....

Friend, boyfriend, father, cousin son. It's just really nice to meet one.


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