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What It's Like to Actually Attend the American Music Awards

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Hey, everyone. It's me Brittney, aka the reclusive blogger, here with my first official post on Cambio. This post is on my VIP experience at this year's American Music Awards! I was lucky enough to attend the show for the second year in a row, and this year's lineup was spectacular.
My day started off pretty early, waking up at 8 a.m. just so I would have enough time to get there early and beat traffic. I arrived at the hotel next to the Microsoft Theater around 11 a.m. to pick up my ticket package that included two tickets (seats Orchestra Section Row M Seats 509 and 510, VIP Passes to watch Red Carpet Arrivals and Official After Party). I had my tickets in hand an hour later (12 p.m.), but the arrivals did not begin until 3 p.m., so my mom and I ended up waiting in the hotel lobby chatting with some people, some going to the show, some not. We also missed a few celeb spottings, namely Nick Jonas. The celebs roaming the lobby were few and far between this year; I could attribute that to the stakeout by many hardcore Justin Bieber fans and Directioners as well the tightened security, but I was fine with that. I was nearly blinded by the star wattage on the red carpet and the live show later on!
After what seemed like forever, it was time to head over to watch the arrivals! I met the others who had won (I got tickets through the Time Warner Cable Exclusives Contest). They all were super nice, but I'm sorry, I cannot remember anyone's names. The day was such a blur! I got to watch the celebs arrive on the red carpet, standing on a riser that was above the press photographers crew. To me, to see how a real entire red carpet goes down was doubly awesome as I'm a photog-in-training.

I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my young life. So many amazing fashions! I loved Carrie Underwood,Gwen Stefani,Selena Gomez,Ciara, and Queen J.Lo! For the guys, no one tops One Direction (Niall Horan dressed up! He never does, and the glasses are everything! And come on Harry Styles' floral Gucci suit...um wow). It was really something to behold, and the night was just beginning!

After that fabulousness, I realized I didn't want to cut it too close. At 4:40 p.m., the doors closed - no ifs, ands, or buts - so my mom and I made a beeline from our perfect spot on the red carpet risers to head indoors to find our seats. Upon heading into the theater, we were handed our official AMA programs. Our seats were super close to the stage, about 12, maybe 13, back in ORCH Left. Yes, people, that's right; I was about 10 rows back from One Direction. I still haven't recovered from that.

Besides from throughly enjoying the actual show, there was a second show: All the people who kept running up to either say hi to 1D, take pictures, selfies, short little snaps or videos, or even just to snoop. I wanted to, but I was hesitant and it just felt weird. Maybe I wasn't a celebrity, so idk. It seemed like they were being bombarded anyway.

It was an absolute fantastically fun night with all the glitz and glam of the fashion and performances! I wore my Lauren Conrad glitter tulle skirt and jingle bell cat ears (both were a hit!). I was happy to see One Direction for the third time in one year as they always sound "Perfect." I was so ecstatic on the band's two wins! I know they heard me and saw me cheering and yelling like a complete maniac (I voted like one!).

Walk the Moon and The Weeknd were on point! I was swooning maybe a bit much?? Alanis Morrissette had me headbanging as did 5 Seconds Of Summer. I was stunned at the utter beauty of Celine Dion's voice and performance. Nick J and Ariana Grande, J.Lo's opening and Bieber had me dancing more than I have in years. The icing on the cake though was seeing One Direction take home those two awards in person. :)
One Direction Waves Hi!You can check out more of my 2015 AMAs photos here. You can check out more of my One Direction ones here.
Happy blogging from the reclusive blogger!
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