3 Places Other Than Your Face That You Can Totally Contour

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Alright ladies, let's talk about contouring. It's the most popular trend in makeup right now (thank you very much, Kim K) but also one of the most challenging as well as confusing. It may sound like a harrowing process that takes hours and way too much product, but simply put, contouring is working with highlights and low lights to define certain areas of your face while downplaying others. The result is a bouncing of light that makes everything look more lifted and sculpted.

And because the process is all about accentuating certain parts of the face over others, it can be done in some places that you didn't quite expect. For instance, did you know that you could contour your eyes? What about your brows?
For all of you contouring junkies out there, we're looking at all of the possible things we can contour and the best ways to do them.

Your Face

Yes, obvi you can contour your face, but this wouldn't be the ultimate list of highlights and low lights without mentioning it. When it comes to contouring your visage, there are nearly a zillion ways you can do it with a bunch of different products that you can use, but here are the basics.

You're going to need a highlighting formula two shades lighter than your skin and a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin. You will be hitting the areas that you want to illuminate with the highlighter and the areas you want to draw less attention to with your low light.

For example, you will be applying highlighter (or concealer, if that works best for you), to the center of your forehead, the middle of your nose, your chin and right under your eyes/above your cheek bones. Then, you will be accentuating this highlighter by adding bronzer right under your cheek bones, around your hair line, to the sides of your nose and under your chin.

For a more detailed tutorial, watch how Beauty Blogger Katerina does it. The look can be as extreme or as subtle as you want it to be, all depending on what you're going for!

Your Lips

There's a way to get those Kylie Jenner luscious lips without having to pay for plastic surgery my friends, and it's called lip contouring. Like with your face, you're going to be using light and dark colors to manipulate light and make your lips fuller.

Beauty blogger Alexandra has a great tutorial on this. To achieve the look, Alexandra first lines her lips with a nude pencil making sure she isn't completely overdrawing her lips' natural boundaries but slightly going outside of the lines. Then she takes a concealer two shades darker than her skin and creates creases near where her lips naturally crease when puckering up. Between those lines she places a lighter concealer to make the areas look bigger and then she blends it carefully with her fingers. Finally, she applies a nude, shear gloss to her lips, and the look is finished! Yes, Alexandra has naturally gorgeous and full lips, but by the end of the video, they're totes jaw-dropping.

Your Eyes

Eye contouring is pretty much a fancy way of using shadows to make eyes look fuller. You do this most of the time when you apply shadow, but it's a more specific technique that can pinpoint where you should be putting your lighter and darker colors to really accentuate your eye shape.

As Sephora's tutorial points out, contouring your eyes completely depends on their natural shape. Always start with matte shadows because it's easier to create the effect this way. Once again, you're going to want a shadow palette that has hues two shades darker and lighter than your skin (sensing a theme here?). Sephora's tutorial goes into greater detail, but to give you a short summary, you're going to want to put the lighter shade on your lid working the a medium shadow and darker shadow in your natural crease and upward toward your brow bone. Once the colors on your crease are blended, take either black or brown eyeliner and wiggle the liner on your lid between your lashes. Blend the liner out and apply some mascara to finish the look.

Voila, your eyes look instantly bigger.

Your Brows

You may not realize this but when you're working with those brows, you're pretty much contouring. Like facial contouring, sculpting brows also works with light and dark shades to help create definition.
Beauty Blogger Desi Perkins does an ah-mazing job filling in her brows, starting with a lighter shade brow pencil to create a wispier, more natural look and then filling in the tail of her brow with a darker, gel formula. Finally, Desi goes in with a lighter concealer at the end, applying it underneath her brow bone to make her brows look more defined.

Contouring isn't for everyone, but for those who like to accent certain parts over others, why not experiment a little? There are tons of ways you can play with light, and they all don't have to change the shape of your face completely! With these tips in mind, you can add more precision to your makeup application and define your already gorgeous face. Happy contouring, ladies!


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