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If you thought the "Netflix and chill" button was cool, this pizza-ordering button is going to blow your mind.

Since there can never be a way to get pizza delivered fast enough, UK-based Domino's has come up with a lightning-speed solution, according to Engadget: A physical button that you press to get a pizza delivered to you, pronto.
CUTESTTVCOUPLES.TUMBLR.COM  / GIPHYIt's called The Easy Order button, and it comes in a digital and physical version. We prefer the physical button obvz, because it's soooo much more satisfying to hit a button IRL. The magnetic button is powered by Flic, which can be programmed to do certain tasks on your phone via Bluetooth (like shut off an alarm from across the room). In this case, it syncs up to the Domino's app, where your address, payment info and fave pizza toppings are saved. YAAAS. Without the IRL button, you can just do one-click ordering on your phone. The buttons will start rolling out for Brits in December.

Sadly, the button isn't available outside of the UK, but we Americans do have the perk of ordering a pizza just by Tweeting a pizza emoji, reports Engadget. All you have to do is set up a Domino's Pizza Profile with your Twitter handle and tell them what your "Easy Order" pizza is. (Half olives, half pineapple? We don't know you.) Then, you'll get a DM with a confirmation of your order!

Finding pizza has never been so easy <3.


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