How to Prevent a J. Law-Style Phone Leak

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Last year, the celebrity hacking scandal racked the nerves of everyone with a cell phone - after all, we all have incriminating photos in our cloud. Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and McKayla Maroney were leaked on the internet, making us all question our digital privacy.

Apple admitted the celebs' phones were hacked, but denied that there was a breach in iCloud security. However, hacks like this could happen to anyone.
Kermit"The cloud is not secure," says Sunny Wu, co-founder of OneSafe, a tech company that protects your cloud privacy. "There are lots of possibilities that may cause your files to be peeked at or stolen. Hackers, of course, are one of them."

OneSafe, which announced its Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 today, is designed to secure files in iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox, and is accessible via PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. A mobile app is also in the works.

"It takes less than one minute to sign up and connect with your existing cloud storage accounts," Sunny explains. "You will be asked to choose a personal file on your device as your 'master key' - it could be your dog's photo or your favorite song. All your files now can be encrypted automatically with your 'master key' with a single click before you putt or sync them in the cloud. Think it as a strong blender that breaks your files into unrecognizable pieces."

These jumbled bits are then stored in the cloud, so if your account is hacked, your data will be indecipherable.

Sound cool? If you wanna support the cause, you can donate $35 to the Kickstarter campaign, and you'll get a sweet T-shirt.

Phew, we're feeling a lot better about all those embarrassing selfies now.


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