Sweater Nails Are the Cutest and Coziest Nail Trend This Season

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Looking for something to put on your nails this winter that's a little more interesting than your classic powdered blue polish and a snowflake sticker? Are you already a nail art expert and want something challenging yet adorable to decorate your fingers with? Well, the latest winter nail trend is all of that and then some. Sweater nails are the latest technique in nail art that's nailing it (pun intended) just in time for the temperatures beginning to drop. Equal parts cozy and cute, sweater nails will add the toasty appeal of your favorite turtleneck to show off this holiday season.
Sweater nail art can be pretty intricate, so if you're a nail artist-in-training, you may want to test out your skills on an accent nail before moving to the rest of your fingers. For the look, you're going to need gel nail polish and a dotting tool or thin polish brush to create the raised texture of your favorite cable patterned sweater. Beauty blogger Vera Peneda suggests using gel polish to paint your nails and then taking 3D gel, which is much thicker in texture, to make the raised woven patterns.

In her video, Vera also uses a thin brush to make the more intricate designs and is careful to let each nail cool before starting on the next. She changes up the pattern on each nail, but if you prefer to keep it uniform throughout, that will look adorbs, too! We totally dig pastels and taupey colors with this look; they're closer to the color of our favorite sweaters and they're the perfect shades for the winter. To add an extra level of amazing to your nails, use different shades of a similar color to paint your nails and create the design.
When you're done, lock in the look carefully with some gel top coat, and you are ready to wrap your fingers around a cup of cocoa! Or, you know, get a zillion likes on Insta for your insanely artistic seasonal nails.

We're all about that second option.


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