15 Adele Memes That Are Just Too Real

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We're obsessed with Adele, you're obsessed with Adele, the entire internet is obsessed with Adele. In fact, her amazingness is pretty much the one thing we can ALL agree on. Fortunately, the internet being as generous as it is, it has given us these epic memes that capture exactly how we feel about Queen Adele and all of her songs. 

1. Yep...

A photo posted by Love (@followyourwildheart) on

2. Accurate

A photo posted by @sarahsmyle on

3. Right?!

Srsly tho🙌👌💜

A photo posted by Jess Lynch (@gf_jess) on

4. Soooooo true

A photo posted by @star.gazer_13 on

5. Oh wait, this one's even better...

6. You too? 

7. Can you "Adele dial" someone? Because...yeah...

A photo posted by Dhara (@dhara.maradia) on

8. Whoever you are, wherever you are

A photo posted by Nikki 🍒 (@blkchrrie18) on

9. Cheers!

A photo posted by kem (@kemalh1) on

10. We know the feeling

A photo posted by kem (@kemalh1) on

11. #TrueStatement. Still not mad at it, though!

A photo posted by G.J. Dempers (@gjd1622) on

12. If only there WERE two of her! 

A photo posted by PBP Music (@pbp_music) on

13. Too real! Even Katy Perry herself can't help but get emotional when she listens to "Hello."

A photo posted by Kejser J (@kejserj) on

14. We feel ya, Ariel! 

15. 'I must've called a thousand times...'

A photo posted by Lucy Basten (@lucylulu100) on


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