Adele Performs "Hello" With Classroom Instruments and It's Perfect

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It's pretty safe to say that there is no version of "Hello" that we wouldn't like. Covers, isolated mic versions and now a classroom instruments version!

The singer appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (where she played a hilarious game of "Box of Lies" (video below) and while she was there, she also made some time to do the show's famous "Classroom Instruments" segment. Spoiler alert: It's glorious!

It's funny because Adele's raw, unedited voice continues to amaze people. Yes, it really is THAT good without any tuning or touch-ups or any of that. When she starts singing, Jimmy looks over like "whoa!" and Adele just keeps going, like "yep - damn straight!"

While we were just sitting there taking in the amazingness that is Adele, she went and busted out a flip phone and made the whole thing even better than it already was!

Hello, Adele...we love you!

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