Should You Consider Buying Organic Tampons?

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Even though we use tampons every month, it's rare that we stop and think about what they're actually made of. Most of us have been using the same brand since we got our periods for the first time.
"It's super scary what's in most tampons on the market!" says Margo Lang, co-founder of Conscious Period, an organic tampon company. "Commercial products are rampant with dioxins, pesticide-sprayed and genetically-modified cotton (which contains cancer-causing glyphosate), chemicals and dyes - plus, because companies aren't required to tell you what's in tampons and pads you can't really know what's in them for sure!"
Kenan thompsonIn a recent Argentinian study conducted by head researcher Dr. Damian Marino, 85 percent of feminine hygiene products contained glyphosate, a likely carcinogen as ruled by the World Health Organization. Scary AF.

In addition, last month, activist group Women's Voices for the Earth protested outside of Procter & Gamble after commissioning research on Always pads, which tested positive for toxic chemicals like styrene and chloroform. And Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York has introduced a bill asking companies to disclose what's in feminine hygiene products nine times, which has yet to move past the floor. SMH.

In light of this knowledge, Margo and co-founder Annie Lascoe created Conscious Period, a #BUILTBYGIRLS organic feminine hygiene company that wants to make organic, comfortable tampons that also give back. Conscious Period's Indiegogo campaign is live now through December 13.

In terms of comfort, Conscious Period is working on a top-quality product that expands in width to better fit your vag-jay-jay and is inserted with a BPA-free plastic applicator.

For each box of 'pons purchased, Conscious Period will donate a box of pads to a homeless shelter (pads are preferred by homeless women because they last longer and are easier to change).

Conscious Period is just one of several companies creating transparent feminine hygiene products. Lola has also called out the industry for making tampons with rayon, artificial fibers and polyester, peddling 'pons made from 100-percent cotton - in chic blue packaging that we actually want to see sitting in our bathrooms. And Jessica Alba's The Honest Company makes a line of tampons (with or without applicators), pads and panty liners also crafted with organic cotton.

Now that talking about your period is less taboo, we're excited to see women finally addressing the health risks in the personal care market. You can support Conscious Period's Indiegogo campaign for just $8 and also get a box of tampons. So worth it.


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