Adele Impersonator Reveals What Went on Behind the Scenes of That Epic Prank Video

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The BBC Music video where Adele pranked Adele impersonators by going in 'disguise' as one of them has been viewed over 32 million times already because it's literally the best thing ever. If you haven't seen it yet, scroll down and watch it...we'll wait.

Back? All right. You know that one Adele impersonator who was the first to realize she was actually watching the REAL Adele perform? Yeah, the one on the left.

Her real name is Talullah Windmill and she spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what that whole experience was like.

"She was doing this whole nervous thing, and I was like, 'Oh this poor thing! I'll try to chat and she'll calm down so she wont be so nervous,'" she told them. "I did think she was strange, though. She said she'd been doing [Adele impersonations] for four years, but she was wearing these long gloves and Adele had never worn gloves like that before."

Still Talullah admits that the gloves didn't give it away, saying she didn't think there was anything suspicious about her - partly because who would ever expect Adele to be there and also because of those amazing prosthetics they used on her face (nose and chin).
One the prank was over, the real Adele happily hung out with the other Adeles. "It was quite a magical moment," she explained. "We were all really emotional and singing along. Adele's not intimidating, she's so cool and normal. We just had a massive laugh."

And in case you're wondering how they got them all there (we were wondering the same thing!) they were apparently told they'd be participating in a documentary about tribute artists.

Here's the video one more time, because there is no such thing as watching it too much:

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