Piecaken Is the New Food Combo You Need to Devour ASAP

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If you freaked out over the pho burrito and still dream about getting your hand on a cronut, then this latest food combo trend is for you. According to Distractify, a brand-new dessert combination is taking over dinner tables everywhere, and it sounds like the perfect thing to satisfy your sweet tooth. Introducing the piecaken, a combination of pie and cake guaranteed to make your mouth water.

Imagine slicing into a chocolate cake, only to realize that there's an entire pecan pie inside of it - if that makes you happy, then you should get on the piecaken game ASAP. That's because the piecaken is a pie that is virtually baked inside of a cake. Instead of a cream filling or an extra layer of frosting, there's an entire freakin' other dessert inside of your piecaken: it's "cake-ception," if you will. Check out these pics of the delish treat and see for yourself:

Say what?!?

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My #birthdaycake is better than yours 🎂 #piecaken #yummy

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The piecaken can work with a number of food combinations. I personally think that black forest cake and cherry pie would go together perfectly, as would strawberry cake with a blueberry pie center. This is the dessert we all deserve, so start making your piecakens ASAP.
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