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American Music Awards: The Seat Filler Experience

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This year, I have been extremely lucky to do some amazing things. Last year, I somehow lucked out and met someone during a New Year's event who worked with seat filler casting at the American Music Awards. Fast forward to this year, my friend and I were able to become seat fillers at the show. It was spontaneous, but it was something I will honestly never forget.

On Sunday afternoon, we drove to a parking garage about 15 minutes away from the Microsoft Theater for the American Music Awards. We got wristbands and stood on line for about an hour to be shuttled to the show. My feet were hurting already, but it was honestly so ridiculously worth the pain. Once we were shuttled to the venue, we entered through the artists' entrance. We really got the VIP experience in this. They fed us in a tent behind the pressroom, and when we went to the bathroom, we actually realized we were right by all the artist trailers. One Direction, Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds Of Summer were all hanging out together before walking the red carpet.

When the red carpet was starting, we were moved inside to a seat filler holding area, which was actually still in the venue. It was just behind the teleprompter, so even if we didn't get moved to a spot upfront, we still would get to see the show for free. They told us before the show to stand up and dance at all times just in case we get on TV. It's actually surprising how many people on TV are actually seat fillers.
2015 American Music Awards - Backstage And AudienceAbout 20 minutes before the show began, we all were lined up against the wall to do our job as seat fillers. My friend and I lucked out for a little bit, and we got to sit together, 10th row on the right side. We watched J-Lo's opening dance number and the first award before I was moved into the middle section because the person running the live Snapchat arrived to her seat (where I was sitting). I was sitting behind Tyga, Frankie Grande, Hailee Steinfield and Bailee Madison at this point. It was insane to see everything in person, instead of on television.

If you guys watched the show, you probably know the biggest OMG moment was Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth's kiss. FYI, they were still going at it when the lights went down. The audience reaction was exactly how your reaction probably was: STRAIGHT UP SHOCK. I got super hyped up before One Direction was about to perform because I was so close, but of course, during their performance, I got moved to the seat filler holding area. INSERT SAD FACE HERE. Luckily, my friend made the AMA Live Snapchat singing along to "Perfect" since the woman who was running it was sitting next to her!
2015 American Music Awards - Backstage And AudienceI got moved back down immediately after the 1D performance and got to see Nick Jonas jump from a piano to a drums to a straight-up gospel choir in person. He is still an incredible performer even after all this years, which is probably why I am still a hardcore Jonas fan. This time, when I got moved up, I actually ended up being lucky enough to sit in front of Shawn Mendes. Let me tell you something, he is extremely swoonworthy. I am still fangirling days later about him, and I don't even care that he's younger than me. I was also able to see 5 Seconds of Summer sitting in front of me. I stayed in this spot for most of the show, luckily. Walk the Moon sat in front of me after their performance. Fall Out Boy sat next to me when they won their award. Luke Bryan came and sat across from me after his performance, which I actually made it onto TV during. It was so surreal that all these celebrities surrounded me, but somehow, I remained calm the entire time.
The most emotional moment was when Jared Leto came on stage to introduce Celine Dion's tribute to Paris. The entire room was completely silent, and the performance and speech tugged at every single person's heartstrings. The Weeknd's performance was literally fire because the pyros made the room extremely warm, but he was also incredible. He was easily one of the best performances of the night.

Right before Justin Bieber's performance, I got moved back to the holding area because there were several seat fillers who never even got to sit in the front. Even from the holding area, I cheered insanely loud when One Direction won that Artist of the Year Award, which is probably why the camera guy was in my face. Justin closed the show, and the entire audience got light-up toys as memorabilia.

Overall, I still cannot believe this night happened. I was so close to so many of my favorite celebrities for free. I got to see all these performances live, and I was able to understand finally why everyone was always running around during commercial breaks. This "elegant game of musical chairs" as a seat filler was probably one of the best experiences of my life, and if you ever get the chance to do it, you need to.

All of my favorite conversations really were made at the American Music Awards (thanks Camila from Fifth Harmony for that clever One Direction related ending).
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