Two Sweet Cereals Just Got a Holiday Makeover

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You know how "they" say that a complete breakfast should consist of protein, healthy carbs, and not very much sugar, lest you crash before your third period class? Throw all of those rules out the window for a second, because two of your favorite sugary cereals have brought back their ah-mazing holiday flavors, and you're going to want to put them on your breakfast wishlist ASAP.

According to Delish, General Mills has welcomed back the Christmastime versions of Cookie Crisp and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and in doing so has sprinkled a little bit of holiday magic on us all. While you can still purchase the original flavors in stores, General Mills has re-released Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp and Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch, two cereals designed to taste like iconic holiday cookies. Can you say best idea ever?
While these cereals aren't exactly the most nutritious breakfast you could devour, they're a great treat for when you need a sweet snack. Both cereals would make an awesome topping for ice cream, too: instead of tossing some sprinkles on your cone, why not roll it in some Holiday Sprinkles Cookie Crisp? The possibilities are endless.

Go ahead and get creative with these cereals, but remember that they're limited edition and will likely be gone by the end of the holiday season. If you want to get in on these sweet treats, do so ASAP and get in the holiday spirit.
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