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How I Became a Morning Person

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Before I got to college, I used to love sleeping in. I would stay up until 5 a.m., watching YouTube videos or playing games, and then I would sleep until 2 p.m. Basically, I was all about that night owl life. Just thinking about those sleepless nights makes me cringe because I am the complete opposite now. I live for waking up every morning at 6 a.m. (yes, that includes weekends), and call me a granny all you want, but I get cranky if I'm not in bed by 10 p.m.

Many people think it's impossible to live like this as a college student, but it's actually very doable and beneficial for the body. I've found that waking up early in the morning not only allows me to get a headstart on things I have to do, but I feel completely energized to go out and conquer the day. Before you roll your eyes and think you'll never be a morning person, think again! Here are some ways I became one.

Putting Away the PhoneThis was a big one for me because like many people, I would always sleep with either my phone in my hand or under my pillow. I didn't know it at the time, but I definitely had FOMO and must have thought I would be missing some catastrophic event if my phone wasn't with me at all times. By leaving my phone on my bedside table and turning off the TV, I'm now able to enjoy my sleep much more better. The phone detox for a couple of hours really does wonders and allows your brain to get the rest it needs.

Getting Fit
I used to be really overweight in high school, and I think part of this had to do with constantly snacking when I would stay up late. I became active and more aware of what I was eating once I began working out in the mornings. Going to the gym is part of my weekend morning routines, and I think it's helped me tremendously. It's an awesome feeling to know that you worked out early and got it out of the way. Also, early morning exercise is known to helping boost energy and adrenaline.

Avoiding ProcrastinationIt's hard to avoid procrastinating when we have so much on our plates and what we think is so little time. The reality of it is that we actually have a lot of time if we just learn to take advantage of it. Whenever I know I have papers to write or assignments to do, I like to wake up early on the weekends to dedicate time to them, especially if I know I have a busy week coming up. Because I commute to school, I live at home with my family, and so I definitely enjoy those peaceful and quiet mornings when I'm up before them. If the thought of waking up early to work on the weekend scares you, don't let it. You can always take breaks and catch up with your favorite bloggers as you drink your morning coffee. Trust me; you'll feel a lot better knowing that you finished your paper and can enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Wanting to Relax Later on
With waking up early, I get to organize myself, get my work done and cross off anything else I had planned to do. Knocking these things out of the way allows me to kick back and relax to catch up with my fave shows or enjoy a long bubble bath. If I wasn't a morning person, I'd be probably still be on season 1 of Grey's Anatomy and Jane the Virgin.

Loving Breakfast
I would always skip breakfast growing up or sleep past it and wake up in time for dinner. Once I realized how important breakfast was for health purposes, I haven't missed it since. Breakfast has actually become my favorite meal of the day because there are so many options to have. I find myself craving oatmeal, waffles or yogurt before bed and being so excited for the morning to come. #MorningPersonProblems Breakfast is, hands down, my morning motivation, and it definitely helps me get out of bed. Now with brunch being the cool kid on the block, I can't imagine sleeping in and not getting my mimosa fix.

I know waking up can be difficult, especially when you think about the hectic day that awaits you, but motivate yourself to get up earlier than usual once in a while (having had a good sleep of course). You'll discover that you'll start treating your body right and making healthy choices throughout the day. Also, you'll probably be happier and a little more eager to face the day. Trust me when I say your mind and body will thank you!
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