Matte vs. Shimmery: Which Makeup Look Should You Really Be Rocking?

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Just like clothing styles change based on seasons and times of day, how you do up your face shouldn't always be the same either. Makeup trends can be just as dynamic as any other fashion statement and to keep up-to-date, you should def be changing it up. Whether you experiment with a different shade or pop on a different type of lipstick, adjusting your makeup can be just as fun as busting out that winter sweater you absolutely live in. But the biggest challenge of all when it comes to makeup? When to go matte and when to keep it shimmery. No worries though ladies, we've come up with a guide to let you know when a bold shimmery look is completely in and when you should keep it more subtle.

Eyes or Lips

When it comes to any beauty look, there is always one must-follow rule: If your eyes are bold, your lips should be subtle and vice versa. Yes, it's great to do dark cat-eye liner with red lips à la Taylor Swift, but when it comes to matte and shimmery looks you shouldn't be doubling up. If you decide to go with a shimmery shadow, be sure to keep the lips glitter-free and go for a matte or cream lip with a color that complements your shadow shade. If experimenting with bold shadows, obv don't overdo it with a bright lip.
Similarly, if your shadow palette lacks any glitter, feel free to put that glitter on your lips. Whether you're going for a sparkly lip gloss or trying full out Missy Elliott-esque glitter lips, you're good to keep your lips bold when your eyes are more low-key. A matte lipstick with a matte eye can be pulled off too, but one rule still applies: Keep your lipstick complementing your eye shade.

Changing Shades for the Seasons

Like we said, you should be changing your makeup styles just as you're changing up your clothes each season! What we recommend? Keep it shimmery during the winter and summer while switching over to matte shades for spring and fall.

Why are winter and summer perfect to bust out the glitter? When you think about winter styles, you're usually keeping your clothes dark, alternating between grays, blacks, navies, with the occasional pop of purple, red or green. And when you think of the weather, days are usually dark and dreary with the occasional snowstorm causing a blanket of white. That's why the season is perfect for pops of shimmer.

If you're dressing in darker shades, you have full leeway to experiment with bolder makeup looks, adding some dimension to your style by applying that glitter layer. Not to mention New Year's is a holiday that basically calls for glitter, so why not have some fun with it? We recommend trying cooler shimmery tones like silvers, blues, purples, pinks and greens.

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Summer, on the other hand, is also perfect for some shimmer because your sun-kissed skin will go so perfectly with some sparkly bronzes. For summer, you're def breaking out the sundresses, spending most of your days in a bathing suit or shorts and a tee. When you keep it simple, it's time to kick makeup up a notch. And because summer is a great season for hot tones (obv), shimmery reds, oranges and bronzy shades will look great with a tan, along with slight glitter in your bronzer or your highlighter.

We like matte for fall and spring because the transitional weather is perfect for a more subdued look. During the fall, you're rocking some of your best earth tones like shades of brown, orange and cranberry. Matte earth tones complement these looks perfectly, offering a more natural appeal when going with a brown-based palette that keeps it cool and fresh for when the leaves fall. Spring will forever be a season of pastels and floral (no matter how much the fashion game likes to change it up), so a matte color palette with brighter pinks and lighter tans will match these looks perfectly without looking too overwhelming with your bold patterns.

Time of Day

Just like your look changes between the seasons, you're likely not going to wear the same outfit that night that you were flaunting during the day. Your makeup should be the same, ladies! And for this one, it's pretty obvious. Mattes are great to pull off your daytime cas look while shimmery tones come out at night when you're partying it up.


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Again, keep your eyes or lips rule in mind. A matte eye with a shimmery, nude lip will look perfect during the day when you're strolling to class or getting lunch with friends. Switch it up at night when the lights are low, going for a shimmery eye palette and a matte, bold lip. A smoky eye with a matte red lipstick is a complete classic!

And if you're still not sure whether to cover your face in glitter or blend in a taupey matte palette, the simplest way to figure it out is to look at what you're wearing. Makeup should always keep your outfit in mind, so consider what palette you're using based on the tone and shimmer already in your clothes.


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