Are Missy Elliot's Glitter Lips a Real Thing? We Put It to the Test

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Let's talk glitter lips for a second shall we? After watching Missy Elliot's "WTF" video, I was so totes enamored with her silvery disco ball pout that I went searching all over the Internet to find out how to do it myself. Turns out it's totally a thing, and it's actually really simple to do! You can find tutorials all over YouTube and Pinterest with different product suggestions and hacks on how to get the look.

But I still had a few reservations. Will the glitter actually stay or will I be spreading the herpes of the craft and makeup world all over the place? Can I eat or drink with them on? Will it actually look good? Will it feel weird?

Well, I put glitter lips to the test, and here's what I found out.

How to Do It

Before getting to business, I looked for a quality YouTube tutorial to teach me how to master the look. Then I stumbled on beauty blogger Ashley Marie whose red glitter pout was to die for and her instructions equally as amazing.

Instead of using the glitter from Ashley's video, I opted for Urban Decay Heavy Metal Loose Glitter in Cat Fight ($12, Urban Decay) applied with Urban Decay's Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive ($14, Urban Decay). I made sure to look up the adhesive's ingredients beforehand, and because it is water-based, I had no problem putting it on my lips. Probably one of the best moves I made was using this adhesive; it went on my lips smoothly and made the glitter absolutely bullet proof.

Copying Ashley Marie, I lined my lips first and then applied my lipstick. Because Cat Fight is such a bright and sexy shade of fuchsia, I opted for a subtle, pink brown nude lipstick; I highly advise going for a creamy lipstick over a matte because it'll help the glitter stay more. Then I took the adhesive and swiped a bit over small areas of my lips, taking a flat-tipped makeup brush and patting the glitter on. (Don't swipe; it won't go on as nicely!) I did this until my lips were completely covered. The brush made it a lot easier to keep the glitter within the lines of my lips, though there was a bit of fallout.

If you are feeling super fancy, you can also use several different types of glitter for a glitter ombre lip!

My biggest tip: If you're going to be eating or drinking anything while wearing glitter lips, do not put the glitter on the inner most part of your lip. Keep the glitter on the part of your lips that show when you're mouth is closed and you can avoid getting glitter in your mouth completely.

And here was the finished look!
glitter lips
Real talk: This look was fierce AF. Even though I wasn't wearing that much makeup (and a green sweater), I felt super glam toting around my bright pink glitter lips. I'm kind of obsessed, and I totally will be wearing these New Year's Eve.
glitter lips
(Just to give you a better close up)

Wearing Them for a While

To truly test them out (though I did fall in love immediately), I wore my glitter pout for a bit just to see what happened. The first thing I noticed: My lips felt super dry, but then again, what did I expect? I had flecks of glitter pasted to my lips, naturally they wouldn't feel as moisturized as they typically do. It was also hard to ignore the fact that I had stuff on my lips. Often with lipstick, you'll forget you're even wearing it, but with glitter lips, you are hyper-aware it's there.

As I continued to write, I did notice that some flakes of glitter were getting on my computer and my phone screen. That being said it truly wasn't that much. For the most part the glitter stayed plastered to my lips (thank you very much, Urban Decay Bondage Adhesive!).

The ultimate test? I decided to take a drink of water and see what happened. Much to my surprise, my water bottle wasn't coated in glitter, nor did I seem to swallow any of it. I did take it off before I ate anything though; I was not fully ready to see a full ring of glitter on my sandwich. My glitter lips seemed to withstand a lot up until this point, but I wasn't really about having a disco ball in my stomach.

Getting It Off

So far it was able to stay on, but how would it be when I tried to take it off?

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According to Urban Decay, you can take the glitter and adhesive off easily with water. I didn't really believe that, so I decided to try and wipe it off with a makeup wipe. DON'T DO THIS. Instead of getting most of the glitter off, I wiped it across my face and got it all over my cheeks. Washing it off with water actually does work, just be careful to get all your glitter to go down the sink.

My Advice?

Totes experiment with this look! It's a lot of fun and it looks ah-maze-ing.That being said, I wouldn't wear this for everyday. If you're just walking around school or going out to lunch with your friends, avoid the glitter lips because, like I said, you might eat some of it. But, if you're on the town with the girls (and are completely okay with drinking from a straw all night), glitter lips ahoy! My biggest question that still remains is what would happened if you kissed someone? Didn't get a chance to do that (my dog ran away from me), but I'm super curious!

I'm giving this look two thumbs up! Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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