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7 Money-Saving Apps Just in Time for Holiday Gift Buying

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Not enough people talk about money-saving hacks. Why? It's the perfect time of year to save that extra buck when shopping for a bunch of people. Saving money feels just as good as giving a gift! If you've got a smartphone, you might want to check out the app store, you've been missing out on some serious savings.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that gives you CASH BACK, no coupons that will expire and no restrictions! Simply browse its selection of products and stores before you do a shop and scan your receipt when finished. In no time, you'll have anywhere from 30-50 percent of your money back! You can then transfer the money right back into your bank account or PayPal. You can even cash out on giftcards, great for gift giving!

2. PoshMark

PoshMark is the new way to buy and sell fashion! Clear your closets while making room for your new winter finds. After selling an item, the buyer pays for shipping, and all you have to do is pick up a free box from your post office and ship it out. It's that simple. You'll earn back your dollars and be able to transfer it into a bank account or PayPal. You can even use the cash as a credit and shop other users' closets for discounted designer items (some of them are still new with tags).

3. ShopKick

Use ShopKick to browse a selection of products from Target, Best Buy, Macy's and more! By making purchases using the app, inviting people to join and just walking into those stores, users can earn points that can be transferred into gift cards at the partnering stores. The Krazy Coupon Ladies love it!

4. SnipSnap

SnipSnap is the new RetailMeNot, a couponer's dream. This app allows users to take pictures of printed coupons and turns them into digital form. No more binders and overflowing wallets. You'll never loose your coupons again!

5. Campus Special
This app was just made for us hungry college students! Say goodbye to a ramen noodle diet with Campus Special. This app will show you the best food deals around your campus and allow you to place an order right from your phone. Great for a holiday party with friends!

6. Raise

Not a fan of receiving gift cards? Use Raise to sell your cards for CASH! Clothes, money, food, this blogger covers all her expenses by using Raise.

7. CartWheel

If Target doesn't have a special place in your heart by now, make room. Target created an app that lets you scan the barcode of any item, and they'll send you ready-to-use coupons to use at checkout. Money saving as easy as one, two, three! Legit, it takes less then three seconds to receive a coupon!
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