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12 Ways to Know You've Found Your Bestie

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Are you and your bestie #bestfriendgoals? Well, if you are, then you probably can relate to some of these reasons that make your best friend, well, your best friend!

1. You Guys Should Star in Your own TV Show.
The funniest things happen to you guys, and you're waiting for the day you become famous and star in your own show. It's happening.

2. You Can't Be in Class With Them Without Dying of Laughter.
All you have to do is make eye contact, and then it becomes a struggle of having to either hold it in or release your uncontrollably loud laughter. This isn't the first time; the teacher has made you two leave the room before to "collect yourselves." LOL

3. You Can Do Absolutely Nothing and Have so Much Fun.

Me: Wanna come over and take a nap?


These kind of chill hangouts are the best.

4. When Someone Hangs Out With You Guys, He/She Feels Like a Third Wheel.
Portrait of two boys and a girl playing with a push cartMe: Remember that time at lacrosse when we were singing an acapella version of "Hotline Bling" on the sidelines?

BFF: Hahaha yes, such great times.

Third Wheel: *rolls eyes* *looks for nearest exit*

5. Your BFF Is Family, and Your Parents Treat her Like a Child.
She just enters your house, even when you're not there. She then proceeds to help herself to your food because she obvi has her own snack drawer. Your mom specifically bought her a bunch of her faves: Doritos and Arizona Iced Tea.

6. Screenshots Are About 75 Percent of Your Texting Conversations.
You can't help but be savage with your BFF and low-key roast everyone. It's just what you guys do.

7. You Text all Day and Can Text About Whatever; It's a Judgment-Free Zone.
Your BFF has to be updated on everything that happens throughout your day, from getting an A on your Western Civilization test to that cute guy saying hi to you in the dining hall. You could literally text her saying that you have the sudden desire to be a mermaid, and she wouldn't even question it. She just gets you.

8. She's the Only One You Go to for Guy Advice.
2013 MTV Video Music Awards - AudienceTrust no one, except your BFF, when it comes to discussing guys. She always has your back.

9. You Have Millions of Inside Jokes.
Your inside jokes make no sense to no one but you two. It's a had-to-be-there moment, and you guys get each others' sense of humor perfectly.

10. When You "Fight," It Lasts a Maximum of Five Minutes, and It's Never Over Anything Serious.
Me: Harry Styles is cuter than Justin Bieber.




*Five minutes later*

Me: Lol, it's okay if you think Justin is more attractive.

BFF: Lol, it's okay if you think Harry is more attractive.

11. You Give Each Other "the Look" When You Know Someone Is Lying.
You two are basically detectives; you're Sherlock and Watson.

12. When You Lie, Your Friend Knows to Go Along With it.
You guys make eye contact, and your BFF immediately knows what you're up to and backs you up.
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