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How My Internet Bestie Gave Me the Best Birthday Ever

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This past Friday was my birthday. My best friend Kendall and I have been planning this since September. We are Internet BFFs, so we sadly couldn't be together for my birthday, but that didn't stop us from texting, tweeting and Facetiming each other the entire day. Kendall made it her mission to get me birthday tweets from the cast of Girl Meets World (shocker, I know!). Let's just say she completed her goal in making this the best birthday ever.

The day before my birthday, Brec Bassinger from Bella and the Bulldogs was having a follow spree as well as calling some of her fans. Now being my girl power self, her show was one of my favorites. After I spammed her a lot, she followed me and called me. Brec was the sweetest person to me, even wishing me a happy birthday and a happy Thanksgiving. I already knew my birthday was going to be great.I stayed up the night of Thanksgiving to quickly spam my favs that it was my birthday at 12 a.m. The day was upon me, and I was so excited. I knew that if I didn't get tweets from my list of goals, I would have a not-so-fun birthday. But at only 8:28 a.m., Carmen Blanchard tweeted me happy birthday. She's the sister of GMW star Rowan Blanchard and my goals. I started crying happy tears.
Then after tons and tons of sweet birthday wishes from other users, Kendall started tweeting people again. Not long afterward at 9:47 a.m., Sarah Carpenter tweeted me happy birthday. I've met Sarah once before, and she was even sweeter than her tweet to me.
After a while, I turned off my phone and just relaxed. And by relaxing, I mean I took a shower and started watching Christmas YouTube videos. Soon I gave in and got back onto Twitter with the best present yet. Kendall had been tweeting my "crush" Corey Fogelmanis that it was my birthday. Once I got back on, I saw that Corey had wished me a happy birthday at 12:35 p.m. I started jumping up and down with excitement. I'm very glad no one saw me fangirling over a tweet.
So overall, my birthday was a success. Even though I didn't get tweet from Rowan and Sabrina, I was still very happy. Thank you to everyone who helped me get noticed by my favs. Thank you to my family for an amazing day and great presents. And a special thanks to Kendall; I couldn't have done this without you.
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