#GlitterPits Are Now a Thing That's Trending on the 'Gram

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Glitter seems to have made its way into a lot of unexpected places lately, from beards to roots, but the hottest new place to put glitter might be the weirdest. Say hello to #GlitterPits. Better get your booty to a Michael's.

Miley Cyrus made her pits a statement piece when she dyed them bright pink back in May, but #GlitterPits are bringing underarm beauty trends to a disco-fever pitch.

The goal of the fairydust pits is to destigmatize armpit hair and achieve "equality in the underarm regions," according to a caption by photographer Matthew Burditt, who posted a #GlitterPits pic about six months ago. And this isn't the first time women have dolled up their underarm hair in the name of feminism - remember when ladies started going rainbow over the summer? There's a whole movement to embrace what Mother Nature gave ya, and it's called - what else? - Free Your Pits.
Pics of #GlitterPits have been making the Instagram rounds for a while, but the recent popularity boom could be, as Cosmopolitan suggests, a holiday-ready reaction to dudes rocking the recent #GlitterBeards trend.

Scroll through to check out the #GlitterPits in all their glam glory.


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