​Here's Your Last Chance to Get a Condom Emoji

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Durex, the well-known condom company, wants you to practice safe-sex. The company launched a global campaign a few weeks ago, urging social users to advocate for an official condom emoji to be made using the hashtag #CondomEmoji on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social outlets.

What sparked this idea - aside of the fact that the company wants to advocate for its own brand? (And also because it would be hilarious to see a condom emoji between the eggplant and loaf-of-bread emoji; that's totally where it would go.) Durex had a research company survey young people aged 16 to 25 on their thoughts on safe sex, and these were the results:

-One-third of the group doesn't care about safe sex
-Half of the group doesn't consider HIV a possibility
-Eight out of 10 are more comfortable talking about sex using emojis.

The campaign is using December 1 (today!), World AIDS Day (that's why Cambio is all red today!) to catapult even more awareness around the importance of practicing safe sex. Check out the video below and share via your social (you can tweet me @lizprugh) using #CondomEmoji. If anything, do it for the hilarity of accidentally sending your mom a condom emoji when she asks about your holiday plans.

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