Is This Guy the New #AlexFromTarget?

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Remember #AlexFromTarget? Of course you do.

Last November (can you believe this meme went viral over a year ago?), Twitter went insane over a hot kid who works at Target named Alex Lee, propelling him to a level of fame that earned him a verified Twitter account with more than 800,000 followers and a YouTube channel (now sadly forgotten - no videos have been created in six months).

As reported by Cosmopolitan, it seems like the world is ready for their next Target bae, because one cute AF Target employee started to rack up likes and retweets after Twitter user @LordWink posted this photo on Black Friday.Daaaaaaamn.

@LordWink nicknamed him Target Hendrix, because his blond-tipped dreads look a lot like the ones that rapper Future Hendrix rocks.

A photo posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on

Target Hendrix has not gone as viral as #AlexFromTarget, but the original Tweet has been retweeted over 1,000 times. We like that Target Hendrix passed over the solid red polo in favor of a more festive plaid shirt. Yep, this guy is DEF destined for stardom. #RedShirtOnFleek

Ellen, are you listening? Can we get this guy an appearance?


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