Kylie Jenner Shares the Awesome Insight She Got From Lady Gaga

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Kylie Jenner is revealing A LOT in the new issue of Interview magazine. But more important than the sexy photoshoot is the interview itself, in which Kylie shares a lot of interesting things about her that we never knew.

One thing, for example, is that she totally fangirls over Lady Gaga, just like we do! But given that Kylie is who she is, she's actually had the chance to chat with Mother Monster and reveals that Gaga gave her some great advice when it comes to handling haters and bullies. "I'm obsessed with Lady Gaga," she told them. "She came up to me and was like 'I think you're so amazing...' and she basically told me not to change. And I feel like that really helped me."

Also in the interview, Kylie surprisingly reveals that she doesn't even like getting all glammed-up, even though she is literally hair and makeup goals every single time that she does! "I would probably just never dress up," she confesses, when asked what she would do if she had it her way. "I would never wear makeup because I honestly hate wearing makeup. Lately, I've just been so over it. I feel like I'm way too young to wear such heavy makeup all the time."

So, to all of those people that are saying Kylie is "too young" to be all glammed up all the time, she actually agrees, but she also works her butt off and it's part of the job that she can't really opt out of when she has photoshoots, red carpets and other events that require it.

For more from Kylie's interview (and more pics - including one that COULD break the internet Kim Kardashian-style), head on over to their website.
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