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Why the Monmouth Bench Is Inspiring NBA Players

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The Monmouth University men's basketball team from West Long Branch, N.J. has shocked the nation in its impressive run at the AdvoCare Invitational in Orlando, Fla. this past week. Their first game in the invitational against Notre Dame was a buzzer beater in which the Monmouth Hawks came out victorious against the Fighting Irish at a score of 68-70. The second game, a very close call against Dayton, ended in a score of 70-73; the Dayton Fliers taking the win. In their third game against the University of Southern California Trojans, the Hawks stole the spotlight again and won 83-73. This win earned the MU Hawks a third place title in the tournament.

The excitement of how far the Monmouth Hawks got in the Invitational was overwhelming for Hawk fans everywhere, but one group of students who were especially excited were the bench players on the basketball team. The so-called "Monmouth Bench" has become a sensation among basketball fans everywhere for their enthusiasm and tremendous support for the players on the court.

At first, the Bench wasn't acting for anyone. Their excitement and love for the team was what was inspiring them to be as involved as the players on the court. But, after seeing the incredible an impact they had on viewers everywhere, they started putting on a show for fans. Granted, this show wasn't all for the fans; they truly are this supportive of their team. They wear their immense school pride proudly.

Charlotte Hornets player Frank Kaminsky tweeted:Followed by Los Angeles Clippers player Jamal Crawford, who tweeted:The Monmouth Bench is getting a lot of publicity for their show of school spirit. Along with these various tweets from NBA players, countless sports news anchors and writers have been praising Monmouth's sideline for its enthusiasm. What makes this so incredible to me is that, yes, I go to Monmouth University, and I am SO in love with my school. The Monmouth Bench is so representative of Monmouth itself. We are all, for the most part, so involved and supportive of our sports.

I have such respect and love for our Monmouth Bench because they've created a fantastic name for our school. No matter if we win or lose, we will be good sports about it and have fun! They have become great role models for upcoming college hoops players and have really made watching the games even more enjoyable.

I think that more schools should share this sportsmanship and enthusiasm for the game as the Monmouth Bench does. Even after the loss to the Dayton Fliers, the entire team, including Coach King Rice, were all smiles.

Now, I can't just give a shoutout to the Monmouth Bench, because our boys on the court are incredible, too! So incredible, in fact, that Monmouth's own player, point guard Justin Robinson, was named MVP of the AdvoCare Invitational. Their perseverance and can-do attitude was inspiring and their love of the sport of basketball was apparent in their incredible drive.

Nice work, Monmouth. You've made New Jersey proud. Follow the Monmouth Bench on Twitter: @MonmouthBench.
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