''Tis the Season to be Lit' With Our Fave Duo Kalin and Myles

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My favorite thing about hip-hop duo Kalin and Myles is that they have so much swag. I couldn't have as much swag as Kalin and Myles if I tried and trust me, I have.

During a recent interview with the duo, I threw around words like "function," aka a party, and sayings like "the ratio is right." And as hard as I tried, I'm sure they saw right through my facade. I'm just not as cool as Kalin and Myles.

But I mean, it makes sense. Kalin and Myles just released their self-titled debut album, toured the country with Timeflies and are now getting ready to head back out on the road for their annual Crazy for Christmas shows. The pair is even scheduled to tour Europe early 2016. Kalin and Myles have so many cool things going on right now.

I talked to Kalin and Myles all about their new music, recent tour and of course, their #KAMFAM. Check it out below.

Cambio: You just wrapped up the Just for Fun Tour with Timeflies. What was the best part about it?
Myles: The best part of it was getting to see the girls and some of the homies that have been following us for a minute, it's always good to get back out again and see them. But the tour with Timeflies definitely had an older audience than what we're used to, so it was cool to get to play to a college crowd.

Cambio: Do you have a favorite memory from the tour?
Kalin: My favorite memory from the tour is probably when our first single ["Brokenhearted"] from our new album dropped. It was definitely exciting, because it was something new that we were able to give to the fans and also so perform it on stage and it's getting a cool reaction.
Cambio: How is your new album different from music you've released before?
Myles: I would say that lyrically it could be a little more grown in more situations on the songs. For sure. Even in production maybe a little bit, too. We're just kind of getting more practice with everything. Production might be a little more grown. The thing about it is there's definitely roots from the first two EPs in this album. Just like with the function sound and slowing it down here and there like we like to do.

Cambio: What inspired the songs on your new album?
Myles: Definitely girl situations that we've had before, for sure. And then just going through life and you know getting a little older and just you know figuring out what's going on and a lot of personal experiences.

Cambio: What's your favorite track on your new album?
Myles: "Do What You Do"
Kalin: "I See You" and "Shake It"

Cambio: "Brokenhearted" is an upbeat party song. What's another song on the album that you'd play at a party or a function?
Myles: It's funny that you say that, because there's actually a song on it called "Lil Function" that I feel like could definitely be one that will have some energy that we all just turn up to.
Kalin: Also "Take My Time," a track that we just dropped, is definitely one that if you could play at a party, too. Definitely a little Bay Area banger.

Cambio: What's the difference between a function and a lil function? Is a lil function like a kickback or is it still a function?
Myles: [laughs] I think just the way that I was like saying it is like, "We're gonna have a lil function tonight." Essentially it's the same thing. I mean I was just putting the lil in front of it, because that's just how it came out. Essentially it's just the same thing like having a bunch of homies there and just like hanging out, loud music, turning up and some dancing for sure.

Cambio: And the ratio is right?
Myles: The ratio is right. Dang, I'm gonna put that in my notes right now. That sounds like a song title right there.
Kalin: The ratio has to be right. More girls than guys, maybe just no guys.
Cambio: You guys said the "ratio is right" about a function the last time I interviewed you. I can't take credit for that.
Cambio: Speaking of girls, what do you look for in a girl?
Myles: The number one thing that I look for in a girl would be maturity. I think that's something that I'm always attracted to. That's probably my number one.
Kalin: My number one and I would probably say, just like a sense of humor, when people put up with my weirdness and my silliness. I think then we'll be all good.

Cambio: What can a member of the KAMFAM do to get your attention at a show?
Kalin: Wear a basketball jersey.
Myles: I tend to notice people like waving their arms like in unique motions a lot.

Cambio: What can fans expect from your upcoming Christmas shows?
Kalin: It's actually coming up right around the corner. First one is starting Dec. 4 in Orlando and you know we've got LA and the Bay Area, but they can expect definitely some high energy levels. We're going to try to bring some new production and the biggest thing I would say is the album. We're going to be performing a lot of new songs. Super excited just to finally have our own show and bring Crazy for Christmas back, it's going to be very lit. 'Tis the season to be lit.

Cambio: What can the KAMFAM expect from you guys in 2016?
Kalin: We just announced that we're going to be going on tour in Europe. So we're going to be hitting Paris, Germany, London and Manchester, so we're super excited for that. That's pretty much what we're focusing on right at the beginning and also we want to not wait any longer than we did to put out this album so we're definitely going to be working a lot more music for sure.

Get Kalin and Myles' new album on iTunes and tickets to Crazy for Christmas here.


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