Woman Has Six Ribs Removed to Look Like Cartoon Character

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Talk about extreme plastic surgery. This woman's goal to achieve the tiny waist of a cartoon character required a massive transformation – and the removal of six ribs.

This is unsettling because the human body isn't designed to have the proportions of cartoons. Still, Pixee Fox was determined to get the look, spending $120,000 on plastic surgery procedures.

She told Barcroft TV: "I've always been inspired by cartoons and Disney movies – all the curves and tiny waists." In order to look like characters like Jessica Rabbit and Tinkerbell, she's had a number of procedures: a nose job, brow lift, eyelid surgery, lip and cheek fillers, multiple breast surgeries, a butt lift, permanent makeup, and the removal of six ribs.

The rib removal was the most challenging because most plastic surgeons would not agree to the procedure.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Marc Mani told People.com: "The procedure would not be done by most plastic surgeons, particularly in the United States where surgery on patients with Body Dysmorphic Disorder is discouraged."

Pixee hopes to break the world record for the smallest waist, which is currently 15 inches. She now has a 16-inch waist, but notes, "I think if I just get time to heal and work out and continue my lifestyle, I'm probably going to go down to 14 inches soon."

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