Can We Leave Kylie Jenner Alone About Her Dog Now?

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If Kylie Jenner decides to stop posting about her personal life on Snapchat, we'd miss the heck out of her, but we'd kind of understand it.

The 18-year-old is a loyal dog owner and when she posted this video of two of her three Italian Greyhounds, Bambi and Norman, over Thanksgiving weekend, people full-on freaked over Bambi's thin frame and accused her of not feeding her dog. Apparently, a concerned fan even contacted Animal Control about it.

First, a rep for the Italian Greyhound Club of America said Bambi looks fine and told TMZ that the dog looks fine and reiterated that Italian Greyhounds are supposed to be thin, that's how they're bred.

As if that wasn't enough to put it to rest, Los Angeles County Animal Control did an investigation and even they determined that Kylie's dog is fine. "The breed is a lean breed of dog. Sometimes photos can be deceiving," their deputy director told The Huffington Post. "People see slight ribs in a photo and think 'Oh my god,' but in this case, there's no neglect, and we're more than satisfied that the animal is being properly cared for."

They also informed them that Bambi IS receiving medical treatment for a condition related to her small frame. So, Kylie is taking BETTER than good care of her dog, thank you very much.


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