This Outfit-Making App Is Straight Out of 'Clueless'

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Every day, we wake up and shuffle over to our closets and wish we had an outfit-generating computer like Cher Horowitz in Clueless. So when we heard that there was an app called Cluise that itemizes your wardrobe and creates outfits for you, we freaked out. As you might now, we obsess over the high-tech '90s gadget every chance we get.
And, it looks like we aren't the only ones who spend so much time deciding what to wear: A 2009 study by clothing retailer Matalan deduced that women will spend a total of 287 days deciding what to wear over the course of their lifetime, reports the Telegraph.

The Cluise app, founded by Dmitry Sergeev and Liudmyla Nebozhak in 2014 for iOS, allows you to digitize your wardrobe - yes, you have to take photos of each shirt, pair of shoes and dress - so that you can electronically create outfits, which makes a lot more sense than trying on clothes and unceremoniously tossing them on the bed/floor as you reject them (don't act like you don't do this). The app expanded to Android in January of 2015 and hit the Apple Watch over the summer.

In the next few months, the developers will introduce the "Smart Shopping Adviser," which will analyze your closet and tell you which items you are missing. They say you can compare clothes you haven't bought yet with stuff that's already in your closet. Kewl.

We took Cluise for a test drive. Fair warning: Adding all your clothes and shoes is not something you can do in a short amount of time, but we managed to get enough of our stuff on there to make a few outfits before we got too distracted. As you're uploading, you can choose the silhouette, material and color of the article of clothing, meaning the app can tell the difference between a leather moto jacket and a hooded camo jacket. Here's what our wardrobe looks like (yes, we wear a lot of black and white):
CruiseOnce everything was on there, we used the "Dress Me" generator to come up with an outfit, taking into account the day's weather (which was 45 degrees and rainy - gross). Here's what Cluise suggested we wear:CluiseWe were pretty impressed, because we've definitely worn that outfit before. We hit "Dress Me" again and it spit out the same outfit, this time with a chambray shirt swapped in for the flannel. A little too much denim, but hey, Cluise, do you, girl.

And for the million-dollar question: How does the outfit generator work?

"The app analyzes and learns your natural, personal fashion style and independently creates smart looks day-to-day, based on your preferences and the real-time weather," says co-founder Dmitry.

While the app is pretty fun, it seemed to have trouble picking up on a lot of the colors in our wardrobe (those jeans are blue, not gray). And the outfit creator only used one pair of pants and shoes that we had uploaded in multiple looks, but we wonder if that was because we had only added an edited selection of clothes to our e-closet (we uploaded two pairs of pants and two pair of shoes).

After playing around with it, Cluise revealed itself to be a fun app for people who always forget about things hidden in the back of their closet, but we're not sure if it's as smart as, say, a real human.

Of course, anything that makes us feel like Cher for few minutes each day is OK by us.


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