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DNCE, aka the New Best Band Around

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As an avid Jonas Brothers fan since 2008, I've attended eight of their concerts, even if it was the same exact show the following day. Yes, I was one of those fans. I was at one of their concerts, and they were selling $20 tickets to the show the next day, which was an hour and a half away. I bought them, not telling my mom, because I was scared I would get in trouble. I told her after the show, and she was pretty mad but made the best of it. The show was in Atlantic City, N.J. Luckily, someone agreed to go with her, and they were going to go to the casino and shopping outlets while we were at the concert. Bless my mom's heart for getting me to another Jonas Brothers concert, even though I'd seen the same exact show the night before.

Okay, back to where this blog post was originally headed. DNCE, Joe Jonas's new band was in my city a few weeks ago, and can I just talk about how amazing they are?

Well, first things first, Joe is my favorite Jonas Brother since day one. I know, "Oh, you shouldn't have favorites." Puh-leeze, look at him (and his voice makes it better, too). There is obviously a reason why he is my favorite, and Nick and Kevin were other people's favorites at one point/probably still are.
So again, DNCE, what a show they put on. Honestly, I missed hearing Joe's voice (P.S. Their EP is absolutely amazing; I recommend it. I think it's $5 on iTunes, just FYI).

Jack Lawless is the drummer who was actually with them when the Jonas Brothers were a band; there are also two other members. Cole Whittle, who is absolutely insane in the best way, plays bass and is so awesome. He's completely wild, coming out wearing a towel with a hole cut in the middle so it kind of looked like a poncho, yeah... Next, JinJoo is the guitarist and an absolute bada**! I legit left the show thinking, like, I need to learn to play guitar and try out for bands because girl guitarists are so cool (editor's note: Robert Palmer knew this all along). I was living for her guitar solos; I was blown away! My show happened to be on her birthday, so we sung her happy birthday, and she continued to thank us saying that this has been her best birthday ever.
One thing that was kind of strange but also kind of amazing was the fact that they had life-size cardboard cutouts of people on stage with them, a lot of them being One Direction, Alan from The Hangover, Lady Gaga, also some old cutouts of the Jonas Brothers or just Joe in general, where they sent him out to crowd-surf. Yes, a cardboard cutout of Joe Jonas from the Disney Channel days was crowd-surfing - so random but loved every second. It was a pretty quick show compared to normal concerts considering they only have four songs out, but they did a pretty cool rendition of "Waterfalls," "No Scrubs" and "The Thong Song" - completely random, completely awesome.

My absolute favorite thing in the world is to attend concerts, and DNCE did not disappoint. If you have the chance to see them live and you like their music, I'm totally telling you, you need to go. Don't miss the magical night of DNCE.

P.S. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I guess that's what you get for trying to capture the perfect picture before they all moved again.
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