Why Are People Freaking Out About the iPhone 7?

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If you're the type of girl who's always bumping her jams, you're going to want to hear about this.

People are already making guesses about what the next iPhone is going to be like, and the latest rumor is killing a lot of vibes, including ours. According to Japanese tech blog Macotakara, Apple may remove the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack in the next iPhone model, predictably the iPhone 7, according to a "reliable source." Instead, Apple will manufacture a set of EarPods that plug into the Lightning port (a k a the jack where you charge your phone). Try. To. Remain. Calm.
12OZPROPHET.COM / GIPHYThis could mean a couple things: 1. If you've invested in some top-quality headphones, you're going to need an adaptor to make them work with the new phone. 2. You will need to buy a new pair of headphones with the Lightning port jack. 3. You will need to buy Bluetooth earbuds or headphones. Or 4., ditch your iPhone and get an Android phone. Of course, you can always use Apple's provided EarPods but honestly, does anyone actually use those?

Macotakara speculates that the reason would be to make the new iPhone even thinner than it is now.

The Verge points out that this would mean you can't charge your phone and listen to music at the same time - just think of all the times you charge and stream music at the same time in your car. Your new headphones also wouldn't work with your desktop computer or laptop, so you would have to carry around an extra pair of headphones. Who wants that?

The Verge also makes the point that Apple switched its 30-pin connector (the original cord that was used to charge your old iPhones and iPods) after selling a billion of them without batting an eye, so this massive shift wouldn't exactly be out of character for the company.

Eek...maybe hold on buying those fierce Frends headphones you've had your eye on?


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