Why You Should Make Jewel Tones Your New Makeup Bestie

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Our list of beauty obsessions for this season has been pretty lengthy, but right at the tippy top of that list is jewel tones. We were first given a taste this fall, adding ruby hues to our lips for a timeless, berry-stained pout and now we are positively hooked. As a result, we're carrying our obsession over to winter, complementing all of our new, bundled-up styles and holiday party fashions with this glitzy glam palette.

And we're bejeweling everything. No, not in the way we used to bejewel our cell phones circa 2005. This look is a lot more luxe.

Eye Jewelry

If there is one place jewel tones really shine (pun fully intended) it's on our eyes. There are so many amazing jewel palettes out there that offer us rich emeralds, ruby reds, luminescent sapphires and bold purples but one of our favorites that came out recently is Urban Decay Vice 4 palette.
Urban Decay Vice4

Filled with a series of bold, shimmery shadows Urban Decay Vice 4 ($60, Macy's) will make your eyes look like they're worth a fortune! Urban Decay is known for its highly pigmented, creamy shadows that are absolutely bullet proof and the Vice collection is no exception. As far as our favorite shades, Beat Down (a royal blue), Underhand (a deep burgandy), 1985 (a bold purple) and Pandemonium (a darker purple) practically define what it means to be jewel toned.

But if you're looking for something a little bit less expensive, NYX always delivers.

Palettes (clipped to polyvore.com)
The Smokey Palette ($7.50, NYX Cosmetics) is great for a night time look that mixes all of our favorite smokey shades with that jewel touch. We recommend using the royal blue or deep purple as your accent color on your lids, or pop on some of the sparkly silver to take your look up a notch. No need for liner! Jewel toned shadows speak enough on their own that adding a liner could make the look overwhelming.

How to Get the Look

We've given you the tools, now what should you do with them? Fortunately, there are some wonderful tutorials out there for all your jewel tones need that offer some serious #inspo.

Beauty Blogger Shaaanxo really knows how to make the most of her jewel toned shadows, blending them all together for an ombre of color! Starting off with a shimmery pink, Shannon puts it right in the middle of her lid working it slightly out. Then she takes a ruby tone, blending it with that first pink shade for a seamless transition. Finally, with a deep purple, Shannon completes the outer corner of her lids and adds a light gold shadow to her tear ducts. Just a touch of liner applied to the lash lines brightens up the eyes and makes her false lashes stand out. And that's all it takes!

Alison Wilburn decides to work more with purple and sapphire tones for a smokey effect. Starting off with a deep purple, Alison applies the color all over her lid and blends a lighter purple around her crease. Then, she takes a shade of shimmery blue and puts that right in both corners of her lids, blending them together with a lighter, glitter purple in the middle. Alison takes the original purple shade from her lids and applies it under her lash line, with a bit of the shimmery blue shade and finishes the look with a creamy liner pencil applied to her waterline and a bold mascara to define her lashes.

Give Your Lips the Luxe Look

Don't forget to give your lips some jewel toned love! If you don't want to commit to intense shadow, or you're looking more for a daytime look, jewel toned lipstick is perfect for just the right amount of umph.
MAC Cosmetics lipstick

MAC lipstick in the shade Diva Antics ($17, MAC Cosmetics) is a vampy, ruby shade for when your regular red lipstick just doesn't seem to cut it. Like all of MAC's lipsticks, the formula will last you all day and apply smoothly.

But if you want something even darker (and a little more wallet friendly) Maybelline also has something to offer.
Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color

Maybelline Color Sensation Lip Color in this intense shade of berry ($5.22, Target) is just what you need to make a statement when the rest of your makeup is subtle. And with a creamy, honey-based formula this lipstick will keep your lips soft and delicious all day!

Do we have any jewel converts in the house?


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