Lucy Hale's Biggest Friendship Fear Is So Relatable

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We're all guilty of being a little paranoid sometimes, unless you're one of those super-cool laidback types we totally need to steal the secrets of. Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale may not be fielding texts from A or getting locked up in a stalker's dollhouse, but she recently told Paper Magazine that there is one thing that really freaks her out - and her answer is completely relatable.

According to Lucy, it seriously bothers her when friends don't text her back. It's not that Lucy finds delayed responses annoying - it's that she's seriously worried that something happened to them if she doesn't get a text back. We're pretty sure that her character Aria would totally understand this ish - her friends could easily have been kidnapped by A! Here's what Lucy told the magazine:

I freak out when people don't text me back promptly. I automatically assume the worst, and it's a fault of mine. I hadn't heard from a friend and jumped to the conclusion that they were hurt, and I should call 911.

While I wouldn't recommend anyone calling 911 because their pal didn't respond to their funny cat meme for a few hours, I think most of us do run through a few troubling scenarios in our heads if we haven't heard from the person we've been texting with. I mean, obviously your friends think you're fun and interesting enough to text back promptly, and if they don't text back right away, it's totally plausible that they're in some dire situation that puts them out of touch.

You know, that, or they just turned their phone off to watch the new Hunger Games movie. Either or.

Let's hope that Lucy's friends understand her paranoia and try to text her ASAP - or at least warn her ahead of time when they'll be MIA. This girl gets enough stress from the drama on PLL.
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