Attention All Beauty Lovers: Highlighter Should Be Your New Secret Weapon

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We have a confession to make: We're kind of obsessed with highlighters. Usually we wouldn't share the secrets behind our most coveted skin-perfecting looks but we could no longer keep this one in.
Not only does highlighter make your skin look forever young, it gives you the glowy, dewy look of an angel come to grace the planet with her beauty skills. Highlighter will manipulate and bend light in whichever way you choose, transforming darker areas on your skin and heightening your features.

Yeah, it's a serious lethal makeup weapon.

Because highlighter is just about the best product you can have in your kit, we've decided to name it a beauty essential. No, we have no real authority to give highlighter such a title but we're starting a new trend here, people! And in case you don't believe us, we're giving you four solid reasons you should pick some up at the nearest beauty counter.

Did we mention it's the reason Kim K looks so good?

Loving this gorgeous glow on @roseandben! She used sun beam & high beam to get this flawless strobe ✨ #benefit

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1. To Get Rid of Dark Circles

Whether you're using a highlighter with a touch of sparkle or simply creating the brightening effect with a concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone, highlighter has all the power to get rid of discolorations. We love popping some highlighter under our eyes in a simple V shape like a little spotlight for our peepers. By doing this, you focus light and attention on that part of your face, instantly brightening it and deflecting away any darkness that you may naturally have there.

Ehem, the effect is called contouring.

2. To Make Your Lips Bigger

Bet you didn't know that you can highlight your lips, did you? If you haven't tried the ombre lip trend it's perfect for creating a brightening effect. By choosing a nude or light lipstick shade to put in the center of your lips and then surrounding it by a darker color you create the illusion that there is a natural highlight in the center of your lips. The result? It instantly adds volume, making lips look fuller.

Even just a dusting of subtle glitter to the center of your lips can add a touch of brightness that will plump up your pout!
Want to know why JLO always looks like she just stepped out of heaven? Why Kylie Jenner always seems to be a tad luminescent? Highlighter, people! Adding it under your eyes (like we said), to the center of your forehead, and your chin will make you look like an other-worldly being of radiance. Even without using a bronzer for a full contour, highlighter will still add depth and focus attention away from flaws.

4. To Make Your Features More Slender

It sounds silly to try and make your face look skinnier but adding highlighter in strategic places will accentuate any definition your face naturally has, making areas look more sculpted and yes, thinner. Putting highlighter under your eyes and just above your cheeks will make your cheek bones look lifted, for example. Popping some right in the center of your nose with a little bit of bronzer to frame it will also make your nose more slender.

Have we convinced you yet? If not, try either Benefit Watt's Up ($30, Ulta) or the more drugstore friendly product, E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip ($1, E.L.F.)and you'll be a believer. But don't worry, it'll be our little secret.


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