Grandparents Gone WIRED: Teach Your G-Parents Emojis and Win Major Cash!

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I don't think that anyone here is a stranger to the many joys having a smartphone can yield.

Want to make a call, send a text, surf the web, AND edit your photos at the same time? Well, with a smartphone you can...and it's AWESOME!
However, not everyone grew up in a technological age and knows how to navigate these gadgets. For this generation, it's second nature - we can practically text message in our sleep, with our toes if we have to. But what about the older generations?

Not knowing how to use a smartphone doesn't just mean that you miss out on the latest emojis, it also can mean not knowing how to access emergency services or contacting help when you need it.

This is why and AARP Foundation have teamed up, for the third year, to bring us Grandparents Gone Wired, an annual campaign that encourages young people to pass their technological expertise onto their grandparents and other senior citizens.

From now until January 31, you can sign up for the campaign and receive tips that will help you learn how best to teach your grandparents about the devices that are available to them.

BUT WAIT...there's more...

Signing up for the campaign and uploading a photo of you with your grandparent makes you eligible to win a $10,000 scholarship!
So what are you waiting for? Grab your grandparents (or a friendly senior citizen), grab that smartphone, and let's get teaching!


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